Here, gathered in our beloved South Dakota, are a few members of our Williamson / Mattson Clan. Charles and Luella are to be blamed (be kind, they didn't know what they were doing). We're generally a happy bunch and somewhat intelligent (notwithstanding our tenuous grasp on reality). I'm also proud to say that most of us still have our teeth.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Vercellino Family, Way Back Then and Not So Far Back Then.

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello Family,
Today we visit the Vercellino side of our family with pictures. Let's begin with a photo of a Vercellino family gathering at the end of World War 1. After that, pictures of a Vercellino family gathering, compliments of Theran Peterson (Karen Vercellino's son).

The Vercellino's of Deadwood / Lead South Dakota.
Taken in 1917/18 where Lead High School sits.
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Persons in this Vercellino Family Reunion.
1. Elda Vercellino (Mother of Charles Ray Williamson. Partially cut off)
2. Edith Giachetto
3. ? 4. ? 5. ?
6. Ed Vercellino (Elda's Youngest Brother. Stricken with Polio. Elda was 18 months older.)
7. Marie Vercellino (Viano) Elda's Mother.
8. Theodore Configliocco (Cousin to Elda)
9. ?
10. Louise Vercellino (Fred Vercellino's Wife. Fred was Elda's Uncle).
11. Danny Vercellino (Fred Vercellino's Son. Elda's first cousin).
12. Giovani Vercellino (far right edge of picture cut off. Elda's father)
13. Sanders Family Friend
14. Minnie Navoros. (family friend)
15 - 18. ?
19. Helen Vercellino (Elda's cousin. Fred's daughter)
20. Helen Lauriten (family friend)

The following pictures were went by Karen Vercellino's son. Thank you.
He also wrote:
After trying to find more about Fidele's family: Catherine & Dan died infancy. Helen had no children. Don't know about Daniel. Mabel has a son Bob Hastie in California, he has 3 children Diane Louise Hoover (b. 25 Feb 1949 in Dallas), David John (b. 05 Nov 1951 in Dallas) & Suzanne Stahlbuhk (b. 05 Nov 1951 in Dallas). Fred had 2 daughters Joyce & Eloise, both deceased. Eloise has 2 daughters Jane Loretta (b. 15 Dec 1950 in Kellogg, ID) & Karen Lee (b. 19 Jun 1952 in Wallace, ID), Eloise Zabel died in Spokane. Joyce Bigley died in Portland, don't know anything about children.
The only one I ever heard tell stories was Evelyn Configliacco. It is fun to listen to her stories because she actually lived in the neighborhood of our relatives. One I remember was that 2 of our family members used a third grade reader to learn English. they were trying to say 30. One said dirty and one said turdy. Evelyn always said "I think I would rather be dirty, then turdy"

Theran Peterson (? on the spelling)

Maria Viano Vercellino (Elda Vercellino's mother). Not Sure about the date of the Picture, But I am assuming it was taken in Cuorgne on a return visit, because she looks older then 14 (age at marriage)

Funeral Card for John Vercellino (Elda Vercellino's father. Charles Williamson's grandfather)

A Small Vercellino Family Gathering with the Configliocco's at Sundance, Wyoming. Relationship Chart for the people in the pictures below (Click to Enlarge).

  • A note, the children of Giovanni Vercellino and Catterina Gianelto were all born in Salto, Piedmont, Torino, Italy. Many immigrated to the United States and settled in Lead. From family records we know that Antonio (Tony) Vercellino, born July 23, 1863 married Guglielma Vidano (first) and secondly married Teresa di Michele Brogatti in 1925 and remained in Italy. He is buried in the Vercellino family crypt in Salto Italy.

Charles and Luella Williamson with daughters Lisa and Annette about 1981.

Leslie and Evelyn Configliacco (Brother and Sister)
Grandma Elda with Leiss

Ed Vercellino, Elda and Leiss

Ray Configliacco, Leiss, and Luella Williamson
Daniel Vercellino (Ed's son), Elda, Helen Vercellino Walters (Fred's Daugther)
Ray, Elda, and Lakota Zink Vercellino (Ray's wife). Ray's has scarlet fever when he was 16 years old. His hair turned white after recovering. Ray lived to be 90, Ed lived to be 96 and Elda lived to be 90.

A small family gathering in Bismarck for Karen (Ed and Iris' daughter) and Martin's first anniversary. May 31, 1967 (Iris Vercellino's 58) birthday. Elda, Ed, Martin & Karen Peterson (Ed's Daughter, Leiss' mother, Iris Vercellino, Thelma Vantine, (Leiss' sister) and Bruce Vantine (Thelma's son).


  1. #10 Louise Vercellino - daughter Mable married John Edward Hastie - 1 son Robert Benjamin, my father. I'm David John Hastie (TapioIV@gmail.com). I have a family picture to add and can fill in some items. Mable's brother Dan died in Idaho, no children but lived into mid age and loved hunting and fishing. I need to join this site.

  2. Hola mi nombre es Jose Ramon Vercellino, vivo en Argentina, mi padre se llamaba Jose Manuel Vercellino y mi abuelo venido de Italia se llamaba Mayorino Vercellino. Me gustaria saber del origen de mi abuelo, donde nacio, como estaba constituida su familia, etc. Cualquier informacion util se agradece. Saludos.