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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cousin Lynn Freeman Cowan Brings A Bit of Vaudeville into our Family Tree. Enjoy a Piece of his Music. Mattson / Pierce Line.

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Hello All,
We have a bit of vaudeville in our family tree.  Lynn Freeman Cowan was our 1st cousin, 3 times removed.  That means he was the son of our Great Great Great Aunt Margaret May Pierce.  His biography is listed below.   

Birth: Jun. 8, 1888
Death: Aug. 29, 1973

He was a LT COL, US ARMY during World War II

Cousin Lynn was a composer, songwriter, pianist, actor, director and singer, educated at Iowa State College with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree. He was a member of a vaudeville team with Bill Bailey. During World War II, he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Corps of Engineers, and he received the Legion of Merit.

In Okinawa, he managed the Castle Terrace Club. In 1963, he retired to Kauai, Hawaii. Joining ASCAP in 1942, his chief musical collaborator was Alex Sullivan. His chief popular-song compositions include "Kisses", "Dream House", "Just Give Me a Week in Paris", "Secret" and "I'm in Love with You"
(Information provided by Chuck Cummins)

The Relationship Chart follows along with a recording of one of his most famous hits Kisses.  We need to thank Angie Mattson for discovering this gem in our family history.  


Relationship Chart

Lynn Freeman Cowan (1888 - 1973) 
Son of our Great Great Grand Aunt Margaret May Pierce
is your 1st cousin 3x removed
Margaret May Pierce (1868 - 1933) Our Great Great Grand Aunt married John Cowan
mother of Lynn Freeman Cowan
Andrew Jackson Pierce* (1835 - 1874) Our 3rd Great Grandfather
father of Margaret May Pierce
Edwin Sherman Pierce (1862 - 1909) Our 2nd Great Grandfather
son of Andrew Jackson Pierce*
Walter Edwin Pierce (1885 - 1956) Our Great Grandfather
son of Edwin Sherman Pierce
daughter of Walter Edwin Pierce. Violet married Walter Mattson
Children of Violet Pierce and Walter Mattson
Luella, Linda, John, Marvin
to Us

Below is the only online recording we have of Cousin Lynn's work.  Please sit back and enjoy "Kisses" by Lynn Cowan and Alex Sullivan.


This is the write up in the IMDb database

A few of Cousin Lynn's compositions


A mention of Cousin Lynn in The Music Trades.  1919 


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