Here, gathered in our beloved South Dakota, are a few members of our Williamson / Mattson Clan. Charles and Luella are to be blamed (be kind, they didn't know what they were doing). We're generally a happy bunch and somewhat intelligent (notwithstanding our tenuous grasp on reality). I'm also proud to say that most of us still have our teeth.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Raleigh Crowshaw, Jamestown Settler, Skilled Indian Fighter. Our 9th Great Grandfather (Williamson Line)

Wes Studi as Powatans war chief and brother, Opechancanough in New World

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello Williamsons,
I'm hoping you are all having a wonderful Easter. I hope you had the chance to read the post I made on Friday concerning the new discovery I made firmly connecting our Williamson line to the Cuthbert Williamson family of Virginia, which originated from Kent, England. Breaching that research wall was one of the goals I've had for the past three years.

Now that our roots are established, I can continue down those Williamson family lines and introduce you to more people in the branches of our family tree. This Easter Sunday I'd like to introduce you to our 9th Great Grandfather (my generation) Raleigh Crowshaw. I begin with our Relationship Chart:

Relationship Chart

Raleigh Crowshaw (1570 - 1628)
is your 9th great grandfather
Son of Raleigh
Daughter of Joseph
Son of Mary
Son of John
Daughter of John
Son of Susanna
Son of Mathew
Son of George Matthew
Son of William Jonathan
Son of Charles

Captain Raleigh Croshaw arrived in Jamestown with the Second Supply in September 1608. It is thought that he may be related to the Crashaw family of Crashaw, Lancashire. He was a member of the Virginia Company of London in 1609 and was still listed as an adventurer in the Company in both 1618 and 1620.

He was mentioned as being a member of the group with Captain John Smith in January 1609 who, while attempting to trade for corn with the Indians at Opechancanough's village, was almost overcome by surprise. This attack was thwarted in part by Croshaw's quick reaction. Croshaw then made a night trip back to Jamestown which helped to avoid further treachery.
He appears to have been a skilled Indian fighter.

At the time of the massacre of March 1622 he was on a trading cruise on the Potomac. According to Captain John Smith's General History, Croshaw challenged the chief Opechancanough or any of his warriors to fight him naked, an offer that was not accepted. When Captain John Smith published his General History in 1624, one of the verses in Volume III of the book had been written by Croshaw -- and in his writing, John Smith implies a high opinion of Croshaw's knowledge of Indians and their way of making war.

About 1623 a patent was issued to...
"Captain Rawleigh Crawshaw, Gent., of Kiccoughtan, An Ancient Planter who hath remained in this country 15 years complete and performed many worthy services to the Colony,"
for 500 acres by Old Point Comfort. This was based on his transporting himself, his servant and his wife in addition to adventuring 25 pounds sterling in the Company. By the following year he was a burgess for Elizabeth City. In March of 1624 he was issued a commission to trade with the Indians for corn. On this voyage he purchased a "great canoe" for 10,000 blue beads.

Captain Croshaw was last referred to on 22 November 1624, and then on 27 December 1624 Captain Francis West was instructed to take an inventory of his estate. The name of his wife does not appear, and as neither the census of 1624 nor the muster of 1625 mentions them it seems probable that the wife and children returned to England.

Captain Croshaw appears to have had three sons, Joseph, Noah(possible name), and Richard. While Joseph may have been educated in England, both Joseph and Richard are mentioned many times in the records. Joseph appears to have led a more public life, having been a member of the House of Burgesses from York as well as having served as a justice and as sheriff for York County.


A Trip to Colorado, Early 1980's. (DelGrossos, Mattsons, and Burrows)

Joseph Mattson with cousin Ashly DelGrosso at the DelGrosso
Home in Frisco, Colorado. Early 1980s

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Happy Easter!
Many members of our family are gathering in San Diego for Easter Vacation. Luella left Charles home alone to fend for himself. She and Jilane are on the road as I type, most likely just outside of Las Vegas. They should be making good time, barring an unplanned stop at a roadside casino so Luella can test the looseness of the local slots. Did you know that the casinos in Wendover Nevada know Luella as "Loose Luella"? Luella and Charles go to Wendover weekly to engage the one arm bandits in mortal combat. Luella says her nickname comes from her ability to loosen up the slots. I guess its true, because she always seems to return from Wendover with a profit in hand. The family tried to twist my arm go with them to San Diego. Sadly, I refused, reminding them that someone had to stay at home and work so others could luxuriate and play. Dad and I play the role of martyr well, don't you think?

I'm guessing nothing of importance will be accomplished by those in attendance at this mini family reunion. However, there will be plenty of family gossip spiced with hours of shopping, visits to beaches and long poolside reminisces. Shucks, and here I am stuck at the Fortress on a bright warm Easter Sunday with nothing much to do but share a few minutes with you and enjoy a ice cold Diet Mt. Dew on the deck. Shouldn't I feel depressed?

Today in our digital family gathering we step into our Way Back Machine and venture back in time 30 years or so to Frisco, Colorado. Kim lived in Frisco with husband JD and kids. Janice lived next door in Dillon, Colorado with husband Steve and kids. I was visiting my two sisters from Utah. Joe and Jake Mattson came along for the ride. I didn't take many pictures. Photography was expensive in the days before computers and digital cameras. You had to buy film, insert it into the camera, take your pictures, removed the film and deposit it at your local drug store for developing. Each roll of film was an easy $10 out of pocket by the time you got the photos back. I'm talking 1980 money, not the inflated stuff we use today.

Left to right, Cabbage Patch Baby of Unknown Origins, Jazmine Burrows (daughter of Janice Williamson and Steve Burrows) and Autumn (daughter of Kim Williamson and John DelGrosso)

Sierra Burrows, Daughter of Janice and Steve. For the longest time we wondered if that
bald spot on the side of her head would grow in. It did - to her mother's great relief.
After that, Sierra was allowed to spent more time indoors.
The reason for the scowl is unknown. It could be because of the shirt she's wearing.
Sierra was not one for girly things. Frills were an absolute No No.

Kim and JD had a trampoline in the backyard - a favorite for the local kids.
Kim is standing the background (black hair). To her right is Jacob Mattson tormenting
Brandon DelGrosso, Kim's second born. Brandon was generally mild mannered until
you pushed him too far, then watch out. People knew to run when Brandon erupted.

The boys tried to out trick each other on the tramp.
Jake is getting ready to stick this landing.

Brandon was second. His attempt failed, leading to an ugly
face plant on the tramp. This is why he was known as BellyFlop Brandon at the local
swimming pool. (I'm teasing. I don't want Brandon's family to
experience an emotional eruption because of me)

Brandon's second attempt. I'm not sure, but I think this was put Brandon in the nearby wood pile.

Joe Mattson's turn on the tramp while Brandon sulks and nurses his wounds.
Joe stuck this. Joe always stuck his flips. Well, I tell a lie. There was that front flip that
failed. It wasn't Joe's fault. Brandon had had enough and moved the tramp while Joe was in mid air.
Another picture of Joe in mid air with Brandon to the side. Notice Brandon is watching me closely.
I kept an eye on him from that point on to ensure Joe's safety.

The three cousins, Left to right: Jake, Brandon and Joseph.

Kim driving us to Denver. We were taking Janice to Denver to visit her therapist.

Janice on the way to Denver. Janice had three small daughters at the time. The stress and
toil of raising three young daughters is bad enough. Now imagine those three
young daughters were Nicole, Jazmine and Sierra. Janice suffered from early onset madness coupled with uncontrollable facial distortions and twitches. I'm happy to say the therapy worked.
Janice is normal today (if one uses the loosest definition of the word normal).

Have a Happy Easter!