Here, gathered in our beloved South Dakota, are a few members of our Williamson / Mattson Clan. Charles and Luella are to be blamed (be kind, they didn't know what they were doing). We're generally a happy bunch and somewhat intelligent (notwithstanding our tenuous grasp on reality). I'm also proud to say that most of us still have our teeth.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kim and Janice Visit Utah in the early 1980's

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello All,
Yesterday the temperatures climbed up into the upper 70's. I'm sure the weatherman will label it the warmest day of the year so far. A cold front pushed across the mountains this morning bringing the temperatures down 30 degrees. There is talk of snow in the mountains and rain in the valley. It is a treat to sit on the Fortress' decks and watch the storm clouds rise up over the far mountains and then descend to blanket the valley below.

I took Luella grocery shopping. She enjoys it when I introduce her to something new and unusual. She says she is in a culinary rut because she rarely cooks. She doesn't cook for Charles anymore because he eats one meal a day at suppertime. His suppers consist of a regimented menu of microwavable TV dinners from which deviations are considered sinful. Disturbing the routine would lead to a disturbance of the Force. A disturbance in the Force would lead to an explosion of flavor - which in turn could lead to a heart attack, a stroke or death - that final and most dreaded outcome. Charles read somewhere that you could extend your life by decades if you dramatically reduce your caloric input. The study was based on rats. Dad plans on living forever, so if the diet works on rats it should work on humans - according to his reasoning.

"I plan on pissing on all of your graves," he says while smiling and watching for your reaction. Its a joke from his arsenal of off color humor that gets a lot of play time the older he gets.

Several months ago I got Luella addicted to fountain Diet Mt. Dew with one squirt of cherry flavoring. She hasn't been the same since. She still looks like a woman in her mid 70's, but her attitude toward life has improved dramatically. She smiles like she did decades ago when she still had her real teeth.

A few weeks ago I followed up on the Diet Mt. Dew and introduced Luella to Southwest Spicy Mustard, found only at WalMart. She is now officially addicted to Southwest Mustard. It has become her transitional vehicle to a higher plane of existence. She uses it on her lunch meat, toast, veggies, and possibly even her granola. Today I took it one step further and introduced her to Claussen's Hot and Spicy Pickles, found only in the refrigerated section of your favorite higher end market. I'll be curious to see her reaction to the definate kick these pickles deliver after the first couple bites.

I confess I also have a new addition. Two months ago I stumbled across Fiber One with 80 calories per half cup while scouring Winco's cereal aisle for something more tasty and rich in fiber than my previous breakfast cereal tasting of ground twigs and lawn clippings. My delicious daily bowl of Fiber One is one of the few early morning pleasures left to me. It motivates me to get out of bed - well that and the thought of a paycheck at the end of the month. Honestly - I would prefer Capt. Crunch but my doctors say I'm not getting enough fiber in my diet and insist I do something or suffer the consequences. I didn't like the consequences they spelled out so a High Fiber diet it is.

I'm not sure when to introduce Luella to Fiber One with 80 calories. I need to consider the consequences.

Kim, Janice and the Kids Visit Utah in the Early 1980's
(Hows that for a title?)

Jilane, Kevin and I lived at Cove's Point in Orem in the early 1980's. I was fresh out of BYU and teaching 6th Grade at the time. Jilane worked as a waitress at some truck stop in Springville and Kevin worked for Quaker Oats in their warehouse in Salt Lake.

One year Kim and Janice left their husbands at home in Colorado and drove to Utah to pay us a visit. The following few pictures come from their visit.

The two pictures above are of Autumn DelGrosso, third daughter to JD and Kim Delgrosso. Kim is the eldest daughter of Charles and Luella Williamson. This picture was taken in the our condo's kitchen.

Cove Point was a retirement community in north Orem. The condos were built in the early 70's, something all too apparent on first viewing. We rented the condo from Mr. and Mrs. Shreeve, who were out of the state serving a two year LDS mission.

We are back in the kitchen looking at Nikki and Jazmine Burrows, the eldest two daughters of Steven and Janice Burrows. Janice was the second born daughter of Charles and Luella Williamson. Jazmine is in red, Nikki in blue.

This is Sierra Burrows with the bright blue eyes. Sierra is working her way through a tray of Cheerios. She has always been easy to please.

You should download and save this picture. Finding a picture of Sierra as a child in a dress is nearly impossible - and finding a picture of her wearing pink is........ well the odds up until know were astronomical.

This is one worn out mother. Her name is Janice Williamson Burrows. Beside her is her niece Amber Delgrosso. The picture was taken in the condo's lime green kitchen. Food never tasted quite right when eaten in those surroundings.

Janice looks tired, and who wouldn't be. She was the mother of three very young daughters at the time. There was also the additional weight she carried on her head with that unusual amount of hair and the product it took to keep it 'naturally' curly. I never mentioned it at the time. I was a kinder brother back then. She lives 800 miles away now. I'm safe.

Sorrow is the only emotion I have for the animal that gave its life for whatever it is that is sitting on top of Kim's head. You may doubt my theory and insist it is her hair. I'm not so sure.
It seems so tightly wound and black.

Kim Williamson Delgrosso is holding her youngest daughter Autumn. Janice holds Sierra. They are preparing to leave Utah and return to their homes at the polar ice cap of Frisco, Colorado.

Look closely to the far left of the picture. Remind you of someone? Yes, it's Kevin Bodily, husband of Jilane Williamson Bodily. What do we read from his demeanour - slumped over, head in hands? Could it be he was more than ready for his two sister in laws and their offspring to leave? Ah, the picture speaks volumes.

The dashing, debonair and ever so handsome Forrest Delgrosso is on the left, then comes Jazmine, Nikki and Amber.

The girls are showing off their treasure trove of activities designed to keep them busy, quiet and out of their mother's hair during the long drive back to Colorado. Mind you, getting into their mother's hair would be quite the feat in and of itself.
Left to right, Nikki, Jazmine and Ashley.

This is Brandon Cinderfella DelGrosso (Kim's second born son). While everyone else luxuriates with treats, picture books and coloring, Brandon is left to clean the house, take out the luggage, roof it, secure it and organize the expedition home. I felt sorry for my nephew and would have helped had it not be the camera and my responsibility of documenting their departure. My excuse didn't go over too well as seen on Brandon's face.

"Atta boy Brandon, you keep it up. One day your Princess will come!"

Today Brandon is thoroughly taken care of hand and foot by his lovely wife Monica and several industrious sons.

Brandon securing the luggage to the SUV's roof. What couldn't this small 12 year old do?

"Brandon, is this car ready to go!" shouted his mother.
"Yes, Ma'am. Anything else I can do for you Ma'am?" Brandon replied quickly from the rooftop, knowing any delay would result in a dressing down by the sharp edge of Kim's tongue.
"Take the girls in for a potty break, and make it snappy. Ashley looks like she's already gone. Find out! Clean it up if she has."
"Yes Ma'am."

Again, I would have jumped in to help, but felt it more important to snap this awesome picture of Brandon at work.

With the relatives gone, Jilane Williamson Bodily had some time to tend to her new baby boy Chaz. Yes, he was crying - that wasn't anything unusual. Chaz started crying the day he was born and stopped on his sixth birthday. I thought there was something wrong with the kid. Jilane was immune. Kevin kept putting in for overtime at work.

Yes, Chaz was still crying

He howled the loudest before every diaper change. He was at his happiest when Jilane left him naked all day long. That hasn't changed after all these years. (A word of advice, never ever never pop in on Chaz unannounced. A nasty shock awaits if you disregard my advice).

I discovered something early in Chaz's infancy. The only way to gain a moment's peace from the wailing was to give Chaz an absolute and unadulterated shock. Scaring the snot out of the kid made him hyperventilate - and that stopped the crying long enough to get through a short phone call.

Have a Nice Sunday and thanks for reading.


The Mystery of our GGG Grandmother Selina Dandridge Jeffries (Williamson Line)

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello Williamsons,
One of our family's genealogical mysteries is the parentage of our Great Great Great Grandmother, Selina Dandridge Jeffries. Selina married our GGG Grandfather Matthew Williamson. Their son was George Matthew Williamson, our GG Grandfather.

Today I'll update that search. The well is still dry, even after months of searching. There are a few signs of water which I shall share with you today. This new information gives me a new direction to search.

OK, to the business at hand:

It is my assumption that Matthew Williamson was the brother to Susanna Price Williamson (1786 - 1860). Susanna Williamson married Achilles Jeffries (thus making Achilles, Matthew's brother in law). I'm claiming that Susanna and Matthew's parents were Cuthbert Williamson and Susanna White

We know that Susanna Williamson married Achilles Jeffries. Could it also be possible that Matthew Williamson married Achilles' sister? - Was that sister our Selina Dandridge Jeffries? If that is the case, then where does the name Dandridge enter the picture?

Achilles' parents were John Jeffries Sr. and Ann Swepson. Ann was Richard Swepson's sister. Richard Swepson Sr. had considerable business dealing with John Jeffries Sr.

Richard Swepson's wife was Jane / Jean Dandridge or Eldridge. Richard Swepson was born between 1710-30. in Virginia. He died 1787 in Mecklenburg City Virginia. Jean or Jane died before 1779.

It is my current assumption that our GGG Grandmother Selina Dandridge Jeffries ties into this Jeffries family. It is the only known family in Viriginia at that time which ties the names Williamson to Dandridge and Jeffries.

Of course I'll keep you informed of developments.