Here, gathered in our beloved South Dakota, are a few members of our Williamson / Mattson Clan. Charles and Luella are to be blamed (be kind, they didn't know what they were doing). We're generally a happy bunch and somewhat intelligent (notwithstanding our tenuous grasp on reality). I'm also proud to say that most of us still have our teeth.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Jake and Joe at the Wrestling Tournament. 1986 (and a few other things)

Joe Mattson used this technique to psych-out his opponents

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello All,
Today a few pictures from Joe and Jake Mattson's wrestling tournament taken in around 1986.  Uncles John and Marvin were both champion high school wrestlers in Spearfish, South Dakota.  Uncle John continued to wrestle for Black Hills State College and was on their SDIC championship team in 1964. 

Uncle John was inducted into the 2010 Yellow Jacket Hall of Fame at Black Hills State along with his teammates from the 1963/4  wrestling team.  John is on the top row, third from the left. 

 Here is the team today at their induction ceremony at Black Hills State.  Uncle John is on the back row, third from the right. 

 I don't recall Kirk wrestling - basketball and football were more Kirk's games.  Joe and Jake were the wrestlers in the Mattson home.

I went to one of their wrestling matches when Joe was in the 6th Grade and snapped these pictures.  I'm glad it was the one match where their Dad was referring.   

Jake and Joe Mattson at the American Fork Junior High wrestling match.  Joe is sporting a bandage on his left chest.  He recently had a mole removed.  They were worried about possible bleeding. 

I didn't take many pictures.   Photography was expensive, especially on a new teacher's salary.  You had to buy the film and pay for the developing.

I wish I had a picture of Jake pinning someone, but it didn't happen that day.  From the look on Jake's face, I'm guessing he'd just lost the match.  It's OK.  Jake had his share of wins on any given Saturday.  This particular Saturday was Joe's day.

 Joe, on the other hand, was having a better day.  I snapped this picture just before the referee slammed his hand on the mat to call it a pin.  Way too easy for Joe, as seen in his expression.  Joe simply overpowered his opponents.  Many of them didn't know what hit them.

Joe racking up another pin.  This one wasn't as easy.  

 Joe with his Dad

 And Joe takes his weight class

And a few other pictures of the Mattson boys from the same time period.....

Joe had to build a castle for a 6th Grade project at Greenwood Elementary.  Aunt Bev gave me a call for help.  My 6th Grade class at Central was doing the same thing so I had a few ideas.

Here is Joe's winning castle.
  • Grass:  colored coconut
  • Towers: Toilet roll tubes
  • Main Tower:  Paper towel tube
  • Building:  painted sugar cubes
  • Roof:  Paper
  • Wall: Spray painted styrofoam.  That was tricky.  The styrofoam dissolved when spray painted.  The paint had to be applied lightly. 

Our last picture.  One day I stopped in for a visit (I lived half a block from them at the time).  Gina was in the bathroom putting on makeup getting ready to go out with some friends.  Joe was making fun of her.  This led to that and a challenge was given.  Gina convinced Joe to let her make him up.  I went home to get my camera.  I told Joe that one day, I'd pull this picture out to haunt him.  Well Joe, today's that day.


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