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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Day at Trafalga. Summer 1985. Utah

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello All,
One summer day in August of 1985, while the family was gathered for Jilane Williamson and Kevin Bodily's wedding, I loaded the cousins and nephews into my old 1972 canary yellow Buick Skylark and took everyone to Trafalga (a diminutive amusement park in Orem, Utah).  It got the kids out from under the adult's feet, giving the moms some time to themselves for gossiping, shopping and what not. It also gave the cousins a chance to spend time with each other. 

Arrival at the park.  Left to Right - Brandon Delgrosso, Joseph Mattson, Jacob Mattson and Forrest Delgrosso.  In the background, my awesome Buick Skylark, the reason for Brandon's excitement.  One would think it was the Amusement Park that prompted their smiles.  No,  It was the chance to ride in the Skylark that made them so happy.  Well, everyone except Forrest.  I think he saw the water slide and bumper boats and knew his life was in danger.  He had a full day to survive one wild brother and two unpredictable cousins. Who wouldn't fret?   

Cousin Gina Mattson right after her first trip down the slide.  Believe it or not, but this simple slide was the first of its kind in Utah Valley.  It was simple but fun.  Gina wasn't one to have her picture taken, so getting her to stop long enough to force a smile was out of the question.   

Cousin Angie Mattson with Camille Mattson (in front) and Gina (behind) coming up for air after her first trip down.  Safety wasn't such a big thing in those days.  I don't recall a life guard guarding the small receiving pool.  Kids came down one after another, sometimes landing right on top of or into the slider who went before.  There could be a real pile up of small humans with bumps and bruises and a sometimes pools of tears.  Ah, the good old days. 

Forrest DelGrosso after his first trip down.   Forrest was having a great day.

Joe Mattson emerging from the slide.

Some of the cousins.  They stopped long enough for a picture (they had run out of slide coupons so they had nothing to lose).  Forrest, Joe, Jake and Brandon. 

Brandon DelGrosso 

Joe on Trafalga's Bumper boats.  They were not easy to steer and never picked up much in the way of speed, leaving the 'bump' of Bumper Boats highly exaggerated. 

Camille wasn't allowed on the water slide, but she did enjoyed the bumper boats.  

Jake has someone on his radar and is maneuvering in for the kill.  Notice the excitement on his face and the protruding tongue.  All trademarks that he smells unsuspecting blood - must have been Camille, trapped in the corner of the pool trying to figure out how to steer. 

Either that, or Jake could have been zeroed in on Forrest (seen above).  Forrest is cornered on two sides, trapped like a caged animal.  He wildly cranked the engine back and forth hoping to get enough momentum to get out of his cousin's way.

 Then there was Brandon with his knee high socks.  He always found some way of embarrassing us :)

Poor Candace Mattson, left at home and as cute as a button.  

Next picture post, A Family Easter Reunion.


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