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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Mystery of our GGG Grandmother Selina Dandridge Jeffries (Williamson Line)

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello Williamsons,
One of our family's genealogical mysteries is the parentage of our Great Great Great Grandmother, Selina Dandridge Jeffries. Selina married our GGG Grandfather Matthew Williamson. Their son was George Matthew Williamson, our GG Grandfather.

Today I'll update that search. The well is still dry, even after months of searching. There are a few signs of water which I shall share with you today. This new information gives me a new direction to search.

OK, to the business at hand:

It is my assumption that Matthew Williamson was the brother to Susanna Price Williamson (1786 - 1860). Susanna Williamson married Achilles Jeffries (thus making Achilles, Matthew's brother in law). I'm claiming that Susanna and Matthew's parents were Cuthbert Williamson and Susanna White

We know that Susanna Williamson married Achilles Jeffries. Could it also be possible that Matthew Williamson married Achilles' sister? - Was that sister our Selina Dandridge Jeffries? If that is the case, then where does the name Dandridge enter the picture?

Achilles' parents were John Jeffries Sr. and Ann Swepson. Ann was Richard Swepson's sister. Richard Swepson Sr. had considerable business dealing with John Jeffries Sr.

Richard Swepson's wife was Jane / Jean Dandridge or Eldridge. Richard Swepson was born between 1710-30. in Virginia. He died 1787 in Mecklenburg City Virginia. Jean or Jane died before 1779.

It is my current assumption that our GGG Grandmother Selina Dandridge Jeffries ties into this Jeffries family. It is the only known family in Viriginia at that time which ties the names Williamson to Dandridge and Jeffries.

Of course I'll keep you informed of developments.


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