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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our 9th Great Grandfather, Present at the British Surrender at Yorktown (Williamson Line)

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Snow in Utah Valley! This strange winter produced it's third snowfall to dust the valley floor. I thought of shoveling, but a strain of Sunday laziness has infected the Fortress leaving me with no other desire than to sit at the computer and mentally climb up and down our family tree looking for the good and the bad apples residing in its branches.

In today's digital reunion we learn about our 9th Great Grandfather Christian Andereck. We begin with the Relationship Chart

our 9th great grandfather
Daughter of Christian
Daughter of Mary
Son of Elizabeth
Son of John
Daughter of John
Daughter of Jane
Daughter of Nancy

Effie married William Jonathan Williamson
to their children
Ima Della, Vinnie, Inez, Lillie Ethel, Josie Elvery, Emmett, Walter, Charles, Maurice

Christian Andereck was born in 1704 in Rumisberg, Canton Of Bern, Switzerland and died in 1785 in Strasburg, Shenandoah, VA at age 81.

Christian and his bride Anna Catherina Jung were married by Rev. John Casper Stoever at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster, PA. on December 30, 1735. Anderegg is the correct spelling for the family name. Andereck was the English name that was given at arrival at Philadelphia. Christian arrived in America on the 11th of October 1733 on the ship Charming Betty under the command of Captain John Ball.

Charming Betty, Germany to Philadelphia, October 11, 1733

[List 35 A] List of all the Passengers imported in the ship Charming Betty, Capt John Ball, Philadelphia, October 11, 1733

Johan Katner 40
George Katner 18
Henry Meakle 34
Peter Gruber 34
Samuel Loody 18
Christian Andereck 28
Ulrich Leebegoot 45
Johan Pieter Leebegoot 16
Adam Spagh 60
Nicholas Burger 20
Wilhelm Imler, sick 55
Peter Stocker 53
Johan Vogt 53
Johan Long 45
Johan Long, Junr 15
Nicolas Heltsell

Feronica Katner 34
Susanna Meckle 35
Anna Gruber 24
Maria Loody 46
Susanna Leebegoot 36
Margaretha Burger 50
Anna Burger 25
Anna lmler 20
Anna Stocker 51
Maria Vogt 46
Anna Long 36
Maria Dorothea Heltzel 30

Johan Henrich Katner 9
Henrich Adam Katner 8
Martin Gruber 1 1/2
Adam Leebegoot 13
Jacob Leebegoot 10
Adam Spagh 12
Philip Burger 12
George Breitengross 13
Ludwig Imler 11
Johan Imler 7
Andreas Vogt 12
Caspar Vogt 8
Johan Georg Long 1
Christoffel Heltsel 4 1/2
Hans Jacob Heltsel 1 1/2

Maria Katner 11
Maria Meckle 3 1/2
Catherina Meckle 1/2
Dorothea Loody 9
Elisabeth Loody 9
Maria Loody 3 1/2
Anna Lebegoot 5
Maria Leebegoot 5
Margaretha Burger 10
Margaretha Burger 1/2
Catherina Imler 20
Sabina Imler 18
Maria Stocker 17
Barbara Stocker 13
Catherina Vogt 18
Maria Vogt 16
Maria Long 10
Catherina Long 8
Barbara Long 4
Eva Catherina Heltsel 12

October 12th 1733. A true List. John Bail.
At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, Oct. 12th, 1733.
The male adult heads of households on the Charming Betty signed their names to this roster. As you can see, our 9th Great Grandfather's signature isn't present, meaning he was illiterate.

The “Charming Betty” became a well known privateer ship. It sailed under the British flag and mainly engaged French ships around Bermuda. Today, we would call it a pirate ship because of their activities. In 1747, the “Clinton” of NY and the “Charming Betty” of RI fought two French frigates for three hours. There were many deaths and several prisoners taken.

Great Grandfather Christian served in Captain Alexander Machir's Company during the Revolutionary War. He managed to serve even thoughhe was beyond the age of acceptance. He shaved ten years off his age to be able to serve. Captain Machir's Co. was involved in escorting Cornwallis' army after their defeat at Yorktown to their departure point in New York. Christian's grandson Frederick Jr. inherited a land warrant for property near Fisher's Hill in 1796 that was issued because of Christian Andereck's service during the Revolution.

Read about the British surrender at Yorktown, eyewitnessed by our Great Grandfather.

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