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Thursday, January 12, 2012

More on our Search for the Vercellino Family and Our family tie to an Italian Auto Company

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello All,
Cousin Tharon sent the following email with additional information on our Vercellino line that I'd like to share with you.


We have very little on the Vercellinos. All I know is that they came from Salto, Italy, which isn't on the map anymore. It has been surrounded by Cuorgne, where the Vianos came from.

The one who know the most is Evelyn Configliacco, (Elda & Ed's Aunt's daughter) in Lead, SD. She turns 96 on Tuesday.

All the Vercellinos were baptized in the Catholic faith in Salto and the Vianos in Cuorgne. Our Great Grandfather's generation, baptismal records are a fill-in-the-blank form. So, it is easier to figure the Month, Day, Year, but the next generations back is in long form. There is a microfilm in Salt Lake of the Birth, Deaths, Marriage in Salto, Italy from 1650(?) - 1900, where you will find all the baptism records of the Vercellinos. But you will have to have someone read the next generation back, because it is long form.

As far another relative, I don't know of any. The one (Renata) who was actually related to the Truccanos has died in the past few years and I don't know where her sons now live. At one time, Evelyn had cousins on the Configliacco side who were priests in Salto, but don't know anymore about them.

There has to be more Vercellino cousins in Italy, because, Antonio went back to Italy, had a second wife and another child named Mario. Antonio and his two wives (Guglielma VIdano & Teresa di Michele Brogatti) are all buried in the Church Cemetery in Salto.

Antonio (Tony) Vercellino
Birth 23 Jul 1863 in Salto, Turin Piedmont, Italy
Death 18 Jun 1928 in Salto, Turin, Piedmont, Italy

Guglielma Vidano
Birth 24 Jun 1865 in Salto, Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Death 22 Apr 1924 in Salto, Turin, Piemont, Italy

Teresa di Michele Brogatti
Birth 30 Jan 1890 in Italy
Death 1964 in Salto, Turin, Piedmont, Italy

Mario Vercellino
Birth abt 1925 in Salto, Turin, Piedmont, Italy

A few days later, Tharon sent this update:

I just got an email from mom, Renata is still alive, mom & dad saw Evelyn Configliacco for her birthday. Evelyn said she got a short note from Renata for Christmas. Renata is actually a blood relative, her grandmother was a sister to Fidele Vercellino's wife, Louise, Renata's father and his brothers made a car in Italy called Temperino.


Temperino was an Italian car maker founded in 1906 in Turin, by three Temperino siblings (Maurizio, Giacomo and Mary). At first Temperino repaired bicycles and motorcycles, starting production of motorcycles in 1908. The first car in 1908 was a prototype with a 350 cc two cylinder engine. After protyping this car went into production as the 8/10 HP, now with an 800 cc aircooled V2 engine. This model was built until after the First World War; around 1500 units were built. Other models produced by Temperino were made in collaboration with other firms such as body maker Stabilimenti Farina.

The company name was changed to Societa Anonima Vetturette Temperino in 1919, and business success made it to possible to start operations in London United Kingdom as Temperino Motors Ltd.. In 1922 a new model arrived: the GSM 7-14HP.

In 1924 the financial situation became so bad that the Temperinos decided to close the business rather than let it go to bankruptcy. Two years laters the Temperinos opened a garage for car repairs, including a petrol station.

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