Here, gathered in our beloved South Dakota, are a few members of our Williamson / Mattson Clan. Charles and Luella are to be blamed (be kind, they didn't know what they were doing). We're generally a happy bunch and somewhat intelligent (notwithstanding our tenuous grasp on reality). I'm also proud to say that most of us still have our teeth.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Two Separate Williamson Gatherings for Great Uncle Walt and Frances Williamson

Walt and Frances Williamson
See Relationship Chart Below for Family Link

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello All,
Two posts today, a real treat. Sundays give me a few extra hours to work on family history. I'm not someone who has a lot of hobbies so I enjoy spending my few free hours doing things I enjoy, like writing this blog.

I hope this blog gives our family an anchor in history. Each post is a letter written to you individually. Here you are introduced to our ancestors. Here you can read and come to understand the sacrifices they made by coming to this new world.

We are their living testaments, for when all is said and done, isn't being remembered everyone's last wish before death takes us into the final good night?

I'm posting pictures from two different Williamson gatherings in Deadwood, South Dakota honoring our Great Uncle Walt and Aunt Frances. I know some of the people in the photographs. Others are mysteries I leave in your good hands. If you recognize a face, please send an email so everyone can be identified.

Thank you,

Gathering One
Date? Reason?

Left to Right: ?, Mary ?, Great Uncle Walt Williamson,
Great Aunt Ethel Ogden (Walt's Sister), ? , ?

Lisa and Annette with cousin Nikki Williamson

Great Uncle Walt and Great Aunt Frances Williamson

The Walt Williamson Family. Left to Right.
Gayle, Pat, Walt, Frances and Woody.

Gathering Two.
The 50th Wedding Anniversary of Walt and Frances Williamson

Left to Right. Mary (Aunt Ethel's daughter) , Luella Williamson, Great Aunt Ethel, and Frances

Another picture at the 50th Anniversary.
Left to right is Sandy Williamson, Great Uncle Morris, Frances and Walt,
Uncle Bill and Great Aunt Joe.

Walt Williamson dancing with daughter Gayle

Great Uncle Walt Williamson and Great Aunt Frances.

Finally, a news story about Uncle Walt and Aunt Frances.

Jasper Crane. Our Puritan 9th Great Grandfather. Williamson Line.

John Davenport
(April 9, 1597 – May 30, 1670) was an English puritan clergyman and co-founder of the American colony of New Haven. Jasper Crane was a member of his congregation and original settler of New Haven.

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello Williamsons!
The ground is snowless in Utah Valley, quite unusual for this time of December. The owners of Utah's many ski resorts scan the skies looking for the storms, which bring the snow, which in turn makes their sky seasons profitable. We're happy here at the Fortress without Utah's white gold. I know it's selfish to admit, considering so much of Utah's winter economy is tourist based. My disdain for snow is a direct result of my hatred of shoveling the steep driveway.

Today we join in a digital family reunion to read about our 9th Great Grandfather, Jasper Crane along the Williamson, Morris line. We start with the Relationship Chart:

Jasper Crane (1599 - 1680)
is your 9th great grandfather

Son of Jasper

Daughter of John

Son of Sarah Rose

Son of Daniel

Son of Isaac

Son of Benjamin

Daughter of Isaac J.

Daughter of Nancy. Married William Jonathan Williamson
Their Children
Ima Della, Vennie, Inez, Lillie, Josie, Emmett, Walter, Charles, Maurice

Charles Williamson married Elda Vercellino (first) and Elsie Jensen (second).
Charles and Elda's son Charles married Luella Mae Mattson

The following synopsis of our 9th Great Grandfather's life was written by Joanne Todd. I've highlighted interesting items in blue.


Founding Father of Newark, New Jersey
I'd love to compare notes with you on this family!
E-mail me joannetodd@comcast.net

Born 1590/1605 in England. Died 19 Oct 1680 in Newark, New Jersey. He married Alice (LEAVE?) in England. Born 1608. Died After 26 Aug 1675 ®154. (Named as Alice LEAVE by ®85) They had the following children:

2 i. John CRANE I
3 ii. Hannah CRANE
4 iii. Delivered CRANE
5 iv. Mary (Mercy) CRANE
6 v. Azariah CRANE I, Deacon
7 vi. Micah CRANE
8 vii. Jasper CRANE Jr.

Jasper Crane's Life in a Nutshell

If you check the number and the list of references at the bottom, you'll know where it came from.
Interesting points highlighted in blue.

* Born to Gen. Josiah Crane ®101
* Abt 1605 - born in England (unknown parents) ®154 ®180
* Jasper Crane is said to have been the nephew of Margaret Crane, wife of Samuel Huntington, and thought to have come from Bradley Plains (?), Hampshire, Engl. because of ties with the Ogden family there
* abt 1630 - Jasper may have first settled at Shawmit (now Boston, MA) ®101
* 1630 - some think Jasper Crane came on the ship Arabella with Winthrop. Others think it was the ship Hectar.
* 1633 - Jasper (of the Parish of St. Stephens, Coleman St.) was with John Davenport when they fled from London to Amsterdam ®103
* Jun 1637 - Davenport's arrival in Boston on the "Hector of London" was recorded by John Winthrop ®103
* 1637/38 - Amos Crane's trigonometry book says Jasper Crane came from London in 1637-8 ®180
* Mar 1638 - left Boston for Connecticut ®103
* 4 Jun 1639 - at New Haven ®101 ®155
* As surveyor, laid out much of New Haven plots, grants, etc. ®181
* 1639 - Jasper Crane was said to be steward of John Davenport's properties ®181
* Jun 21, 1640 - Jasper in Boston, possibly surveyor/land agent for London Co. ®101
* Mar 1641 - granted 100 acres of land in the East Meadow ®180 ®181
* 1642 - one of New Haven Co. concerned with the settlement on the Delaware River ®180
* 1643 - tax valuation was 480 pounds ®180 and had 3 persons in his family (self, wife and son John) ®181
* Abt 1644 - Jasper Crane building an ocean-going vessel which departed for England in 1646 but never reached its destination - the New Haven Colony frequently glimpses the "phantom ship" in the harbor
* 1644 - excused from military service due to his "weakness" ®180
* 1644/5 - granted 16 acres upland in East Haven and he moved there, son Joseph (?) born there ®180
* 1651 - Jasper removed to Branford (7 miles east of East Haven) ®101
* Abt 1652 - founded the town of Branford, CT with Rev. Abraham Pierson and others ®154 ®181
* 7 Sep 1652 - sold his house and land in East Haven and joined about 20 families from Southhampton, LI under the leadership of Rev. Pierson and a group of families from Wethersfield led by Samuel Swaine ®180 ®181
* May 1653 - represented Branford at the General Court in New Haven ®180 ®181
* 1656 - Ironworks joint venture of John Winthrop Jr., Jasper Crane and others (located between Branford & New Haven)
* 1658 - elected a magistrate of the New Haven Colony, served for 5 years ®180
* 1662 - New Haven and Connecticut Colonies were united ®180
* 1664/5 - Jasper Crane chosen Justice of the County Court at New Haven and served as a Magistrate to the Connecticut Colony from New Haven ®180
* 1665/7 - continued as assistant or Magistrate for the Connecticut Colony ®180
* 1665 - Jasper was member of committee of safety to protect colony against DeRuyter, the Dutch admiral ®101
* Spring 1666 - Robert Treat led 41 families from New Haven Colony to "New Milford" - Jasper's son, Azariah, was in this first group (now Newark, NJ) ®101
* 20 Jan 1667 - signed Newark 1st Church document ®155
* 6 Feb 1667 - drew home lot #49 ®180
* Spring 1667 - Jasper Crane, Rev. Pierson, Samuel Swaine and 20 more families arrive in "New Milford" (now Newark, NJ) ®180
* 20 May 1668 - on committee to determine dividing line between Newark and Elizabeth Town ®181
* 1668/69 - Jasper Crane and Robert Treat were first Magistrates of Newark ®180
* 1668/70 - represented Newark in the New Jersey General Assembly ®180
* 28 Jul 1669 - Jasper and Robert Treat were sent to "York" as Newark's representatives ®181
* 13 May 1672 - Jasper and Lt. Swain were chosen as Newark's representatives to discuss matters of safety for the country ®181
* 17 Jun 1672 - chosen Magistrate and President of the Quarterly Court ®181
* 1673 - obtained permission to make and sell spirits ®180
* 1673 - chosen a Magistrate under the short resumption of Dutch rule ®180
* 1 Jul 1673 - on committee (Crane, Bond, Swain, Kitchell, Lyon) to send petition to Lord Proprietors in England ®181
* 1673- on committee to secure the "Neck" to add to the possessions of Newark ®180
* 26 May 1673 - drew lot #100 of 100 acres ®180
* 25 Aug 1675 - 168 acres in 13 parcels including 20 acres at the head of Second River (Toney's Brook?) ®180
* 1675 - chosen as a Deputy to the assembly and a Magistrate in Newark ®180
* 1 Oct 1678 - wrote his will
* 25 Oct 1681 - died in ®Newark ®154 ®155

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The History of Newark, NJ by Joseph Atkinson, 1878
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