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Sunday, July 24, 2011

More on our 5th Great Grandparents and the Revolutionary War (Williamson Line)

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello All,

The annual Williamson Family Picnic is underway at Spearfish Park in South Dakota. I was unable to attend. A conflagration of events spewed from Fate's imagination kept me here in Pleasant Grove. My parents Charles and Luella, my sister Jilane (and two of her daughters) my brother Jon (and his son) and my sister Lisa (with her husband and two of her children) are attending along with other Williamsons from far and wide.

The last large family gathering was held three or four years ago. Perhaps it is time for another 'official' reunion. I suggest this one be an entire weekend affair with various events scheduled around the Spearfish / Deadwood area so family members can get to know each other. There is also the suggestion of having a large family gathering here in Utah. There are two branches of the Williamson families living one hour apart in northern Utah; Daniel and Lisa in Park City and several of us living in Utah County. Salt Lake City is a rather inexpensive airport to fly into and of course Utah is at the crossroads of the west - about a one day's drive for anyone in the multi-state region. Regardless of the location, perhaps it is time for another gathering.

Today I have more information on our 5th Great Grandparents John and Catherine Nosseman.
They immigrated to the American Colonies from Germany, thus filling out more of our German ancestral tree. John fought in the Revolutionary War, and according to the information found today may have deserted because he was taking the place of someone else.

We begin with the Relationship Chart: (remember, the full family tree can be found by clicking on the family tree near the top of the blog's right side bar).

5th Great Grandparents
John Conrad Nosseman
Catherine Nosseman
Married Bennett Willis


Jonathan Willis
Married Anabella Phlegar
Margaret Ann Willis.
Married George Matthew Williamson
William J. Williamson
Married Effie Helen Victor
Vennie, Ima Della, Inez, Lillie Ethel, Josie, Emmett, Walt, Charles, Maurice.

John Conrad Nossaman was born about 1750 in Hesse, Cassel , Germany and settled in Pennsylvania. He came from the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands on the ship Sally and took the Oath of Abjuration (an oath asserting the right of the present royal family to the crown of England, and expressly abjuring allegiance to the descendants of Charles Edward Stuart, the Jacobite Pretender).

He ( Johan Conrad Nasemann ) is listed as arriving at the Port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania August 23, 1773. On September 15, 1773 he was indentured as a servant for a period of 6 years to Job Cose and his assign for the amount of L 32.6.6. Job Cose is reported to live in Waterford Township, Glocester, West Jersey . If he served his full term of this indenture he became a free man on or about August 23, 1779. Indenturing was a way of paying for passage.

John Conrad Nossaman (Yon Conrad Noseman) was enlisted as a substitute in Captain Charles Wilson Peale's company o f the Fourth class, Philadelphia Militia in the service of the United States commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Will to fight in the Revolutionary War. It is likely that he was forced to take the place of his owner or one of his owner 's friends. Of the 55 privates who were enrolled in Capt. Peale's Company at this time, no fewer than 30 were listed as having "deserted" or being "absent without leave. " Johan Conrad Nossaman was listed as having deserted. Approximately 1 in 5 of the enrolled privates on the muster roll were "substitutes" for others.

There is a listing for the birth of Catherine born August 1 9, 1779 as a child of J. Conr. Naseman and Cathrina in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. Cathrina (Catherina) married Bennett H. Willis November 13, 1800 in Monroe County, Virginia. She married Peter Sickman April 5, 1819 in Franklin County, Virginia.

In 1780? John Nousman was listed on the return of Capt. Noah "Keasy," as a member of the 7th Class of the 5th Company of the 7th Battalion of the Lancaster County Militia. The Muster rolls show on October 28, 1781, "John Naseman" commenced a "touer of Duty" at Lancaster as a private on the Muster Roll of Capt. Robert McKey.

There is a recording of a birth of Elizabeth Nasemann born March 10, 1 782 to Conrad and Cathar. Elizabeth Naseman was christened April 1, 1782 at the Manheim, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lancaster Pennsylvania. Father was Conrad Nasemann and mother was Cather. She married David Pane April 6, 1801 in Monroe County, Virginia (now West Virginia).

On April 15, 1782 "John Nousman" was listed as a white male inhabitant between the ages of 18 and 53 residing in the district of Capt. Noah "Ceasey". This return was divided into eight classes and "John Nousman" was a member of the seventh class, together with sixteen other men. "John Nousman" was listed in the 1783 and 1784 returns for the fifth company of the seventh class of the Seventh Battalion of the Lancaster County Militia. The vast majority of the names appear to be German.

John Nossaman (Nosman) purchased 216 acres from Francis McNutt in Greenbrier County, Virginia (now Monroe County, West Virginia) in 1789 at a price of 5 shillings.

John Noseman, Sr. sold land to John Noseman, Jr. on July 1 , 1806 in Monroe County for a consideration of the sum of fifty pounds current money of Virginia. John Noseman, Sr. signed this deed whereas John Noseman, Jr. signed with an X with his signature witnessed. This would indicatt hat John Noseman, Jr. could not write which may have an impact of census records in the future.

In the 1810 Census of Monroe County, Virginia, John Nosseman is listed as the head of a household with three individuals a male aged 45 years and upwards and a female aged 45 years and upwards and a female age d 26 years but under 45 years. Several of the individuals believed to be children of John and Katrina Nossaman are in close proximity to them in the 1810 census.

It is suggested that John Conrad died in Giles County, Virginia ( now West Virginia) abt. 1820 but after the 1820 census period. This assumption will need confirmation at a later date.

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