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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Cousins Who Fought for the Confederacy at Gettysburg. (Williamson Line)

The Battle of Gettysburg

From the Fortress of Solitude
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Hello All,
It’s been a full week since my last addition to the family history. Don’t think me a slacker. If you don’t see a daily post to the blog, then you would be right to assume I’m researching. I’m sorry to say that the easy stuff is posted. I call it the low hanging fruit. Our easily found ancestors are found, posted and their stories told. Now comes the hard part. Instead of a few hours per post, I’m spending days researching to find new information. It is a fact of life that the further back you go the fewer historical resources there are.

I will solider on with your help. If there are stories to tell, they will be told, even if the information is one sentence long. I’m committed to the proposition that this will be an all inclusive story our our American Dynasty. Our ancestor will not be forgotten as long as there is information on them. We will find it and it will be posted.

By the way, much of this week was spent fleshing out our new family tree. You can access it anytime by clicking on the picture of the family tree at the top of the right side bar. Only a fraction of the tree is visible at any one time. To see a person’s ancestry, click on that person’s name. Their ancestors will appear above them.

I need pictures. If you have a picture of an ancestor please send it.

And now, a bit of information on for the Williamsons. We knew we had strong Southern roots. Today we learn about our cousins who fought to defend the Confederacy during the Civil War. We begin with the relationship chart.

Hans George Pfluger (1703-1754) and Eve Franzisk Jost
Georg Friedrich Pfluger (Phlegar) (1735-1791) married Maria Margretha Kieffer
Hans Jacob, Christine, George Frederick, Hans, Marie Christine, Marie Margaret, Abraham, Hans Michael, Henry.

Abraham Phlegar (1776 - 1865) married Margaret Goodykoontz
Arabella Phlegar (1809-1865) married Jonathan Willis
George Matthew Williamson and Margaret Ann Willis
Selina, William, Abraham, James, Samuel, George, Ella, Walter, Glen, Bertha, Ralph.

William married Effie Helen Victor
Vennie, Ima Della, Inez, Lillie Ethel, Josie, Emmett, Walt, Charles, Maurice.

Tonight we discover the following grandsons of our 4th Great Grandfather Abraham Phlegar served in the Confederate Army (Our first cousins four times removed).
Archer A. Phlegar
Abraham Hogan
Addison Epperly
Headen Epperly
David Willis
Bennet Willis
Samuel Willis
Thomas Willis
James Willis
Peter Willis.

We also learned that five of Abraham Phlegar’s Great Grandsons were commissioned officers in World War One. (2nd cousins, three times removed).

Seven of our 5th Great Uncle George Frederic Phlegar's grandsons served in the Confederate Army (all our 2nd cousins, four times removed).

Benjamin Phlegar’s sons:
George Phlegar was killed in the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863,
Andrew Phlegar
Gideon Phlegar (also killed in battle)
Simon Phlegar

Joseph Phlegar’s son:
Calvin Phlegar

Isaac Phlegar’s sons:
Joseph Phlegar
George Phlegar

World War I Marine Recruiting Poster

At least seven of George Phlegar's descendants were in the World War I. Hagan Phlegar, was with the Marines, first of the American forces sent into battle.


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