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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Joseph and Rebecca Bennett. Our 6th Great Grandparents. Williamson / Willis Line.

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello Williamsons,
Tonight we take a moment to learn about the lives of our 6th Great Grandparents, Joseph and Rebecca Bennett.

They were faithful Quakers (Friends) as were many of our other descendants. We start by referencing you to the Family Tree to see their relationship with us. Click on my father's name Charles. Follow his line through to George Matthew Williamson and Margaret Willis. Click on Margaret Willis and follow the line through Phebe Bennett who married John Willis.

I'm curious about Quakers, after having discovered the role in played in our early family history. I'll reasearch Quakerism and report back soon.

And now, information on our 6th Great Grandparents.

Joseph and Rebecca Bennett

About 1738, Joseph and Rebecca Bennett moved with other Quakers and settled in Newberry Township, in what is now York County PA, as appears by the following extract from the Minutes of Salisbury's Monthly Quaker (Friends) Meeting, which until the founding of Warrington Meeting, in 1747, included the meetings on the west aide of the Susquehanna River;
At our Monthly Meeting of Sadsbury held at Leacock [Lancaster Co., Pa.], ye 7th of 3 rao. 1739 The Representatives being Called all appeared. There being Divers families of friends of late Settled on the west side of Susquohanno some of them have produced Certificates to this Meeting from Kenet Meeting where they formerly Dwelt their being four mentioned In one Certificate bearing Date ye 18th of ye 2 mo: 1738 viz. Nathan Hussey, Ann his wife, John Garrison & Content his wife, Christopher Husy & Ann his wife & another Certificate from the Same place bearing date ye 4th of ye 5 mo: 1738 Recommends Joseph Bennett & Rebecca his wife all wch this meeting receives in membership with us. The Friends of that Settlement [Newberry] being desirous of a Toleration from this Meeting to keep Meetings of worship Every first day and fourth day of ye week for Six months time wch request Is Granted."
Joseph Bennett purchased land in Newberry and gave his name to the largest stream of the neighborgood, still called Bennett's Run. He served as overseer of the Friends Newberry Meeting from October 21, 1751, to August 20, 1757.

Joseph and Rebecca (Fincher) Bennett had ten children as follows:
  1. William, b. 12 mo. 19, 1727-28, was married by a "priest" to Lydia , in the early part of 1753. Children : Enoch, b. 1 mo. 23, 1754; Itebecca, b. 4 mo. 6, 1756; William, b. 11 mo. 27, 1757; Joseph, b. 8 mo. 19 1759.
  2. Sarah, b. 4 mo. 29, 1733; m. 4 mo. 22, 1756, at Newberry, to John Day, son of John.
  3. Rebecca, b. 10 mo. 29, 1734; m. circa 1756, Rankin, and from her probably descended the Nankins of Newberry, celebrated as Tories in the Revolution.
  4. Mary, b. 7 mo. 19, 1736; disowned from Friends in 1756.
  5. Phebe, b. 1 mo. 30, 1738; m. 4 mo. 27, 1757, at Newberry Mtg., to John Willis, son of Henry.
  6. Joshua, b. 2 mo. 15, 1741; m. 10 mo. 25, 1780, at 8adsbury Mtg., to Mary Brogan, dau. of James, deceased, of Sadsbury Twp., Lancaster Co. Children: Joseph, b. 8 mo. 15, 1781; James, b. 5 mo. 2, 1783: d. 8 rao. 21, 1784; Rebecca, b. 1 mo. 4, 1785; Joshua, m. Sarah Wain, dau. of Nathan and Sarah Thomas, at Newberry, 11 mo. 6, 1833; Marv.
  7. Elizabeth, b. 12 mo. 25, 1742-43. A certificate to Sadsbury Mo. Mtg. was signed by Warrington Mo. Mtg., 12 mo. 12, 1761.
  8. Edward, b. 5 mo. 7, 1744.
  9. Hannah, b. 10 mo. 19, 1745; ra. 9mo. 8, 1767, at York Town, York Co., Pa., William Kersey, of York Town, son of William and Elizabeth, both deceased. He produced a certificate of removal, dated 5 mo. 31, 1766, from New Garden Mo. Mtg., North Carolina. It is supposed that he was born in Pennsylvania. A William Kersey was a witness to a marriage in Chester county, Pa., 8 mo. 18, 1738, and Possibly he was the father of William, who married lannali Bennett.

Jesse Kersey, the eldest child of William and Hannah (Bennett) Kersey, became an eminent minister in the Society of Friends. A biographical narrative of his life has been published in book form (p. 288). He was born 8 mo. 5, 1768, at York. In the spring of 1784 he went to Philadelphia to learn to be a potter. In 1789, having completed his apprenticeship, he left Philadelphia, and opened a school in East Cain township, Chester county, in the autumn. He was married, 5 mo. 26, 1790, to Elizabeth Coates, daughter of Moses Coates, and removed to York, engaging in his trade. In 1794 he removed again. About 1824 he removed to West Chester, Pa., where he was a conveyancer and postmaster. He died 10 mo. 26, 1845, and was buried in Friends' graveyard at West Chester.

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