Here, gathered in our beloved South Dakota, are a few members of our Williamson / Mattson Clan. Charles and Luella are to be blamed (be kind, they didn't know what they were doing). We're generally a happy bunch and somewhat intelligent (notwithstanding our tenuous grasp on reality). I'm also proud to say that most of us still have our teeth.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photos and a Dennis family history from Cousin Diane. Grandma Violet's neice.

Hello All,
Cousin Diane from California sent the following pictures to be included in the blog. She also included corrections to other photographs throughout the blog that she was familiar with. Thank you Diane. The purpose of this blog is to give an accurate history of the family. All corrections are wanted and encouraged.

This is a hand colored picture of Grandma Vesta (Violet's mother) taken when she was 10 or 11 years old. The unsigned writing on the back said: "This was taken when you were about 10 or 12, Myra sent me these two, which were about an inch squareand very dim, had copies made, and then enlarged of course you know who it is Dear."

This photo was taken in the early 1950's. The lady sitting in the occasional chair is Martha Sarah Dennis Turner "Mattie". She was the first child of John Dennis (Violet's grandfather) and Julia Spirlock, born on January 3, 1863. She was therefore Great Grandmother Vesta's half sister. She was visiting her two daughters; Madge and Nancy.

Our Great Great Aunt Martha (Mattie) was Hot Springs, South Dakota's First Bride. Cousin Diane sent the following clipping from he Hot Spring's newspaper celebrating her 96th birthday.
(Click to enlarge and read). This clipping tells the story of our Great Great Grandfather Dennis and the family as they moved throughout the west, finally settling in Cascade, South Dakota. It is a fascinating read.

In this photo (taken in the late 1940's) you have Walter Pierce (Violet's brother), Grandmother Violet and the Josslyn family. Diane remembers running to Vesta (her grandmother) yelling that a strange lady with a suitcase was walking up the drive (a taxi was pulling away) - Vesta dropped what she was doing and ran out to meet her daughter. This was taken in Pomona, CA.

This is a photo of Great Grandmother Vesta with her husband 2nd husband Henry Deaver, taken on their wedding day.

Thanks Diane!


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