Here, gathered in our beloved South Dakota, are a few members of our Williamson / Mattson Clan. Charles and Luella are to be blamed (be kind, they didn't know what they were doing). We're generally a happy bunch and somewhat intelligent (notwithstanding our tenuous grasp on reality). I'm also proud to say that most of us still have our teeth.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

And Now, Grandma Elda in the 1960's

Grandma Elda and Grandpa Emerson taken on April 4, 1969
at Uncle Ed's Home in Belle Fourche, South Dakota.

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello All,
This last week dad and I cleaned out the garage. I found a cardboard box on the top shelf with several of Grandma Elda's things. Over the next few weeks I'll post the more interesting items from the collection.

We start with a letter and two drawings sent to Grandma Elda in 1963 / 64 from Kim, Kevin and I. The first is a letter written by Kim. Such good penmanship and the grammar, faultless as one would expect with a South Dakota education, provided at Jefferson Elementary School (which is no longer a school, the last I know the building still sits at the bottom of Signal Heights, Rapid City - and is used as school district storage site).

Above you'll see my contribution to the package. This is my rendition of me on a house with our LDS church building and me holding something near the sun. I've pondered over this drawing racking my brain for the meaning. Those ponderings have proven useless. I have no clue what I was on about but that's OK. Let's just enjoy the Picasso like surreal art produced by a 5 or 6 year old child prodigy.

And finally, Kevin's drawing for Grandma. This is considered enlightened for a 3 year old, although I wonder if our 48 year old Kevin could do any better today!

This picture of Kim and I was found in her possessions. The picture is well worn telling me she kept it in her purse where she could gain quick access to show off her two eldest (and cutest) grandchildren.

This picture was taken at the Holiday Inn in Rapid City in 1964. You see (from left to right) me with my red vest and suit, Uncle Ed (Grandma Elda's youngest brother), Grandma Elda, Kevin, Kim, Uncle Ray (Grandma Elda's older brother), Luella and Charles. Uncle Ray was visiting from Ohio where he worked as a Vice President for Western Union.

One of the few pictures we have of the three Vercellino siblings together. Ed Vercellino, Elda Vercellino and Ray Vercellino.

And finally, we have Grandpa Liessman with Grandma Elda and Charles standing on the front lawn of our home at 210 North 42nd Street, Rapid City, South Dakota. We moved to 42nd Street from Signal Heights when I was 7 or 8 years old. This picture was taken in June of 1968. We moved to our home at 2214 38th Street during the school year of 1968/69. Again, one of the few pictures we have of Charles with his mom and step dad. And a special treat - in this picture you see another member of the Williamson family for many years, our 1958 blue Rambler Station Wagon. This, you recall, is the car of so many stories from our childhood.

Once again, More to follow.


Announcing the Newest Member of our Williamson Clan.

Bryce Hunter Williamson

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello All,
Andrew and Heather Williamson are please to announce the birth of their son, Bryce Hunter Williamson. Bryce was born on the evening of August 12. He came in at 9 pounds and 21 inches long. Both Bryce and Heather are doing fine.

Andrew and Heather

Heather With Bryce

Andrew, Heather and now Bryce live in Fairbanks, Alaska. Andrew is stationed at Ft. Wainwright.

For more information please contact Grandpa Bill at

Welcome to the family Bryce!