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Thursday, March 25, 2010

On the Williamson Family Line. The Honorable Pflegers, Revolutionary War Soldiers.

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove.

Hello To All,
There’s a chill in the air over Pleasant Grove tonight. The clouds hang low bringing what could be a bit of snow. A good Utah Spring where you get all four seasons in one day.

Tonight we take a moment to reflect on several ancestors that fought for our liberty and suffered terribly for it. May I reintroduce you to my generation’s 6th Great Grandfather George Frederick Pfluger. The family tree is listed below:

George Frederick Pfluger (b. 1735 York Penn. d. February 1791 York Penn.)
Abraham Pfleger (there were a few different spellings of the name)
Anabella Phlegar
Margaret Ann Willis
George Matthew Williamson
William J. Williamson
The Nine Williamson Children (My Grandfather was Charles)
Charles Williamson

Abraham Pfleger (my 5th Great Grandfather) told one of his grandchildren, the Reverend Abraham Hogan (making the Reverend one of our Great Uncles) before he died that our Grandfather George was in the Revolutionary war with several of his sons and nephews. He was in the memorable march without shoes over the frozen ground, and from that exposure was taken with a “breast complaint from which he died." That was George Frederick, born 1735, whose will was probated in 1791. His wife, Anna Maria Margaretha, lived until 1816.

This shoeless memorable march on frozen ground may refer to Valley Forge. The Pflegers lived Pennsylvania and fought in Pennsylvania’s regiments. The history doesn’t say but it may be reasonable to assume that it could have been. The family home at York was close to Valley Forge.

More research will be needed. Time for my easy chair and my British comedies. The perfect way to end a long day.