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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pictures of our Pierce Aunts, Uncles and Cousins

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello All,
Tis a bitter cold this way comes. We have an Arctic front bearing down on Utah. Thanksgiving lows will drop into to 10 degrees. Just the kind of weather to keep one indoors, safe and warm in the Fortress. And how do I plan on occupying my time (other than eating myself senseless with holiday fare) than to create posts for my three blogs.

Today I'm please to share several photographs sent by Len Pierce, our newly found Pierce cousin. I begin with a Relationship Chart (click to enlarge) to help you place the people pictured and how they relate to us.

Today I display pictures of our GGG Grandmother Isabel, her daughter Jenny with her two sons and daughter Madge and her two sons. We also get to meet GGG Uncle Bert our GG Grandfather Edwin Sherman's only brother.

Shall we begin?

GGG Aunt Madge Pierce Cowan with her oldest son Lynn (1st cousin twice removed).

A Merry Christmas Portrait (1900?). GGG Aunt Jennie Pierce Joslin with husband George and sons Vern and DeVere

John Cowan. Second son of GGG Aunt Madge Pierce Cowan. He later became a dentist working on the east coast.

GGG Grandmother Isabel Pierce Stevens with granddaughter May Pierce at the age of 5.

GGG Grandmother Isabel Pierce Stevens.

Isabel divorced our GGG Grandfather Andrew Jackson Pierce and married a man by the name of Stevens. They lived in Iowa Falls, Iowa until she bcame ill and wenttolive with her daughter Jenny Joslin in Cassville, Missouri, where she died after a stroke and long illness.

We don't know what happened to our GGG Grandfather Andrew.

GGG Uncle Bert Pierce, our GG Grandfather Edwin's only Brother.

GGG Uncle Bert Pierce and wife.

GGG Uncle Bert. World War I

GG Uncle Henry Raymond (Ray) Pierce. Ray was Grandma Violet's uncle. Brother to her father Walter Edwin (Edd)

GG Uncle Henry Raymond (Ray) Pierce. WWI.

GG Uncle Henry Raymond (Ray) Pierce. WWI.

One interesting side note about our GG Uncle Ray, you'll see he was a hired man living and working for our Great Grandmother Vesta's brother in law, Charles Roe. This may be how Vesta met Ray's older brother Walter Edwin Pierce - leading to their marriage.

And another interesting side note. Here you see that our GG Uncle Ray married Francis Roe. You'll notice in the 1910 census he was 17 years old and Francis was 11. They married 11 years later when she was 22 and he was 27.

GG Uncle Ora, his wife Grace and their family. Ora was Grandma Violet's Uncle, brother to her father Walter Edwin (Edd).

Aunt May and Aunt Nelle were both Grandma Violet's Aunts, sisters to her father Walter Edwin (Edd).

The following pictures are of our GG Uncle Glenn Pierce. Glenn was a brother to our Great Grandfather Walter Edwin Pierce (Edd); An uncle of Grandma Violet.

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