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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Williamson Family Link to Henry VIII's Two Beheaded Wives

Howard Family Coat of Arms
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Hello All,
I'm watching the 4th and final season of Showtime's The Tudors on DVD and enjoying it very much. This season revolves around Henry VIII's last two wives. Catherine Howard starts the season as Henry's fifth wife. She's about to be beheaded for sleeping with one of her husband's servants - right under his nose and in common knowledge by many in the household. Stupid? Yes. Chalk it up to the indiscretions of youth. Catherine was only a teenager.

While watching I realized her last name (Howard) was also a last name on the Williamson family line and decided to spend the better part of this morning researching to see if we are indeed related by blood (I've already posted on an earlier occasion that our 14th Great Grandmother Agnes Tilney, was the Step Grandmother to Catherine Howard and Anne Boleyn , the fact that her husband was their grandfather and great grandfather escaped me).

Today I tie up the research on our Tudor connection by connecting all the dots and presenting what I know.

14th Great Grandfather, Thomas Howard

Let's begins with our 14th Great Grandfather, Thomas Howard. Thomas was our ancestral link to Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. His first married Elizabeth Tilney. That marriage produced several children, two of which were Lord Edmund Howard and Lady Elizabeth Howard. Catherine Howard was Lord Edmund's daughter. Anne Boleyn was Lady Elizabeth Howard's daughter. The Relationship Chart below will help (Click to Enlarge):

Catherine Howard. Henry VIII's Fifth Wife. Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's 2nd Wife

Our relationship is halved because our family line ties to Sir Thomas through his second wife Agnes Tilney and then through their daughter Dorothy. This makes our 13th Great Grandmother Dorothy the half sister to Lord Edmund and Lady Elizabeth. Please refer to the Relationship Chart Below:

14th Great Grandfather Sir Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk married 2nd Wife Agnes Tilney. to
Dorothy Howard married Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby
Jane Stanley married Edward Sutton, Baron of Dudley
Edward Sutton married Elizabeth Tomlinson
Ann Sutton married John Bagley
Edward Bagley married Ann Gregorie
Ann Bagley married William Brinton
John Willis married Ester Brinton
Henry Willis married Mary Rachel Underwood
John Willis married Phebe Bennett
Bennett Willis married Katherine Nosseman
Jonathan Willis married Anabella Phlegar
Margaret Ann Willis married George Matthew Williamson
William J. Williamson married Effie Helen Victor
their children, our parents, and grandparents
Vennie, Ima, Inez, Lillie, Josie, Emmett, Walt, Charles, Maurice.

Now our family has a connection to two of England's best known monarchs.
  • Through marriage, Henry VIII husband and executioner to two of our half first cousins 14 times removed.
  • By blood to Queen Elizabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn. Queen Elizabeth I is our half 2nd cousin, 13 times removed.

The last minutes of Anne's life


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