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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our 14th Great Uncle. Sir Edward Lake (Pierce Line).

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello All,
The exploration of the Pierce family line continues. Be sure to check out the additions to yesterday's post on our 6th Great Grandfather, Nathan Pierce (Pearce) Jr. You'll learn more about the attack on his person and his brother's revenge.

Today we go back further in history along the Pierce line and meet an interesting 15th Great Uncle, Sir Edward Lake. Our blood runs thick with English history. Have a great week!


Sir Edward Lake

Sir Edward Lake was born in 1600 or 1601 and was baptized on February 22, 1600 or 1601 in Tetney, Lincolnshire.
  • He died on July 18, 1674 and was buried in Lincoln Cathedral.
  • He married Anne Bibye a daughter of Simon Bibye (or Biby or Bybye).
  • He received the degree of B. A. at Oxford in 1627.
  • He was an eminent lawyer, becoming advocate general for Ireland.
On the outbreak of the English Civil Wars, he both fought and wrote on the King’s side. At the battle of Edgehill he received sixteen wounds, and having lost the use of his left hand by a shot, he placed his horses bridle between his teeth and fought with his sword in his right hand.

He was promised as his reward a barony and an augmentation to his arms by King Charles I, in 1643. But since the King was beheaded and the period of the Commonwealth intervened, nothing was done until 1661. King Charles II then made him Chancellor of the Diocese of Lincoln, and the augmented coat of arms promised by King Charles I was in 1661 formally authorized by the College of Arms.

From Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage (1905) comes the following:
"Edward Lake, L.L.D. Chancellor of the diocese of Lincoln, was a devoted adherent of Charles I, for whom he fought at the battle of Naseby and received no less than sixteen wounds. He was by Charles I, in consideration of his zeal and loyalty, given a coat of augmentation, and an additional coat, and was named a baronet, with the privilege of nominating his successor to the title, but no patent was taken out at the time. Sir Edward, dying without issue in 1674, was succeeded by his grandnephew."
The will of Sir Edward Lake is dated April 8, 1665. In the will he leaves a bequest to the Church at Normanton near Pontefract in Yorkshire, because it was the home of his paternal ancestors. He mentions his kinsman and servant Christopher Lake, his brother John Lake (Our Great Grandfather), his nephew Francis Lake of Hatcliffe, the eldest son of his brother Luke Lake, and Stephen, eldest son of his brother Thomas Lake. He named his half-brother Thomas Lake, Jr. executor.

Relationship Chart

14th Great Grandparents. Richard Lake and Anne Wardell
13th Great Grandparents John Lake and Elizabeth Sandell 14th Great Uncle Sir Edward Lake
John Lake and Margaret Reade
Hannah Lake and John Gallop
Elizabeth Gallop and Henry Stevens
Elizabeth Stevens and Maurice Tucker
Elizabeth Tucker and Daniel Pearce
Nathan Pearce Sr. b. 22 April 1705 d. 15 March 1789/ 90. married Abigail Spink b. 1704. d. 7 Jan. 1790/91.
Nathan Pearce Jr. b. 17 Jan 1740/41 d. 19 Dec. 1781. married Elizabeth Culver b ? d. 30 March 1832.
Robert Gilbert Livingston Pearce b. 1771 married Eunice Worden b. 1777 d. 20 Jan. 1840.
William Pearce b. 1805 d. 2 Apr. 1889 married Catherine Morse b. 1811 d. 14 Dec. 1885.
Andrew Jackson Pearce b. 1835 New York. d. ? married Isabella Pearce b. 1842 New York
Edwin Sherman Pierce married Eldora Elizabeth Fiddler
Walter Edwin Pierce married Vesta Althea Dennis
Violet Mae Pierce married Walter Albert Mattson
Luella, Linda, John, Marvin

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