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Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Information on our Great Grandmother Ida Tornberg from Our New Swedish Family Connection

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello All!
You will all remember my discovery of the Tornberg Family Association in Sweden and Finland. Well, I found several email addresses of Association members on their web site and wrote to them explaining our problem in researching the family past Ida's parents.

Success! I've been in email contact with a member of the association named Bertie in Sweden. I sent him the information we had and asked if he knew anyone that could help us break through the barrier.

Today I received a response. Using a new online Swedish Genealogy Database, Bertie found our Great Great Grandfather Isak and his wife Maria. We can now trace our Tornberg family back further and he promises more information in the coming days.

This is what he sent today:


I've found the connection through Arkiv Digital Online:

Isak Wilhelm, b. 9.12.1844 Pajala
He married 15.4.1883 Maria Brita Johansdotter b. 28.6.1855

His father was
Karl Henrik Tornberg b. 31.10.1819 in Köngänen, Pajala

His father was
Isak Cristian Tornberg b. 4.4.1791 in Köngänen, Pajala

His father was
Isak Tornberg b. 24.8.1755 in Hietaniemi

His father was
Isak Tornberg b. 29.8.1721 in Hietaniemi

His father was
Isac Tornberg b. 1677 in Koutokeino

His father was
Johannes Tornberg b. 1640 in Övertorneå

His father was
Nicolaus Nicolai Ulopolitanus b. 1605, might be in Oulu.

More information in coming days,

I'm very grateful to Bertie for his assistance in our search for our Swedish and Finnish family ties.

With the information sent by Bertie and a new email from cousin Angie giving me the correct link: (http://www.familysearch.org/eng/search/frameset_search.asp?PAGE=/eng/search/ancestorsearchresults.asp). to track the family back (Thanks Angie!!) we can now display the full family line of the Tornbergs from Today back to the 1600's. There is also the following link with addtional information: http://www.annelikotisaari.net/N.Ulopolitanus.htm#Taulu%20320

Tornberg Relationship Chart

Nicolaus Nicolaii Ulopolitanus Tornberg b. 1605 d. 1676. married Maria Nilsdotter Falk b. 1610

Anders Tornberg b. 1625
Israel Tornberg b. 1627 d. 28 Feb. 1657
Nils Tornberg b. 1629 d. 1675
Anna Tornberg b. 1630
Olof Tornberg b. 1632
Johannes Tornberg b. 1640
Brita Tornberg


Johannes Nicolai Nilsson Tornberg b. 1640 d. 3 Jan. 1717. married Brita Isaksdotter Curtelia b. 1651. d. 6 April 1740 in Hietaniemi Lappi, Finland.

Johan Tornberg b. 29 Jan. 1670
Michel Tornberg b. 1670
Helena Tornberg b. 1676
Isac Tornberg b. 1677
Henrik Tornberg b. 1680
Olaus Tornberg b. 1684 d. 9 Mar. 1738
Margeta Tornberg b. 1686


Isak Johanneson Tornberg b. 1677 d. 29 Sept. 1743 and Magdalena Hermannindr (?) Kempe b. 1678 d. 24 Sept. 1755.

Brita Tornberg. b. 1707
Johan Tornberg b. 25 July 1709 d. 18 Feb. 1740
Abraham Tornberg b. 1710
Margareta Tornberg b. 27 Dec. 1711
Magdalena Tornberg b. 16 Feb. 1718
Elisabeth Tornberg b. 17 April 1720
Isac Tornberg b. 29 Aug. 1721
Catharina tornberg b. 8 April 1724


Isak Isaacss Tornberg. b. 29 Aug. 1721 Hietaniemi, Norrbotten Sweden. d. 30 June 1786. Married 11 Dec. 1750 to Anna Margareta Henridr (?) Niewardt b. 1727. d. 3 April 1803.

Magdalena Tornberg b. 3 Oct. 1751
Anna Margareta Tornberg b. 31 Aug. 1753
Apollonia Tornberg b. 16 Nov. 1753 d. 1829
Isak Tornberg b. 24 Aug. 1755.
Henrik Tornberg b. 3 Oct. 1756
Katarina Tornberg b. 11 Oct. 1757 d. 6 Nov. 1758
Eva Tornberg b. 8 Feb. 1759
Johannes Tornberg b. 27 April 1760 d. 11 May 1760
Elisabet Tornberg b. 22 May 1761 d. 21 June 1761
Abraham Tornberg b. 21 Aug. 1762
Jakob Tornberg b. 5 Sept. 1763
Salomon Tornberg b. 23 Oct. 1765
Ulrika Tornberg b. 30 Nov. 1766 d. 20 March 1767
Kuolleena Syntynyt Tornberg b. 3 Jan. 1768 d. Same Day


Isak Isakss Tornberg b. 24 Aug. 1755. d. 24 Oct. 1824. married Eva (Elsi) Olofsdr. Pietila Vitsaniemi b. 4 March 1765. d. 3 Dec. 1832

Anna Greta Isaksdr Tornberg b. 20 Oct. 1786. d. 1786
Anna Breta Isaksdr. Tornberg b. 1788 d. 24 May 1790
Isak Christian Isakss Tornberg b. 4 April 1791. d. 14 June 1879
Eva Lovisa Isaksdr Tornberg b. 27 Nov. 1793 d. 19 July 1794
Stina Frederika Isaksdr Tornberg b. 15 Dec. 1795. d. 1798
Johan Henrik Isakss Tornberg b. 20 Nov. 1797 d. 29 Sept 1798
Wilhelmina Isaksdr. Tornberg b. 2 August 1799 d. 8 Oct. 1799
Erik August Isakss Tornberg b. 20 Aug. 1800
Eva Maria Isaksdr. Tornberg b. 24 Jan 1803
Hedvika Johanna Isaksdr Tornberg b. 7 April 1804 d. 22 Oct. 1806
Sofia Wilhelmina Isaksdr Tornberg b. 29 Oct 1805 d. 17 July 1809
Alexander Isakss Tornberg b. 5 Dec. 1807. d. 24 Nov. 1809


Isak Christian Isakss Tornberg b. 4 April 1791, Pajala Konkanen, Norrbotten Sweden.
14 June 1879. married Anna Karolina Karlintytar Humble b. 5 May 1795. Married in 1815, Pajala Norrbotten Sweden

Isaac Wilhelm Tornberg b. 15 Feb 1817. Pajala.
Carl Henric Tornberg b. 30 Oct 1819. Pajala
Johan Fredric Tornberg. b. 4 July 1822 Pajala.
Gustaf Tornberg b. 23 April 1825
Anna Maria Tornberg b. 29 May 1828
Kuolleena Syntynyt Tornberg b. 11 May 1830


Carl Henrick Isakss Tornberg b. 30 Oct. 1819. d. 5 April 1892. and Sofia Johanna Olofintytar b. 1820. d. 7 Sept. 1885 Karl Gustav Parish, Norrbotten Sweden. (marriage 1844. Pajala, Norrbotten, Sweden)

Children: All Born in Karl Gustav Parish, Norrbotten, Sweden.
Isak Wilhelm Carlss. Tornberg b. 9 Dec. 1844
Johan Frederik Carlss, Tornberg b. 18 Sept. 1846
Carl Gustaf Carlss. Tornberg b. 19 Sept 1848
Henrik Carlss. Tornberg. b. 6 Sept 1850
Ida Johanna Carlsdr. Tornberg b. 19 Dec. 1852. d. 24 Dec. 1884
Maria Josefina Carlsdr. Tornberg b. 16 Aug 1854
Frans Oskar Carlss. Tornberg b. 22 Oct. 1856 d. 31 Jan. 1857
Matilda Carolina Carlsdr. Tornberg b. 31 Jan. 1858 d. 31 Dec. 1863
Hjalmar Carlss, Tornberg b. 4 Feb. 1859. d. 18 Dec 1862
Frans Levi Carlss, Tornberg b. 4 Feb 1859 d. 3 Dec. 1889
August Alfried Carlss. Tornberg b. 12 Aug 1864.


Isak Wilhelm Tornberg b. 9 Dec. 1844 Pajala , Norrbotten, Sweden married Maria Brita Johansdotter b. 1855.

Levi Lorens Isakss Tornberg b. 1884
Ida Josefina Isaksdr Tornberg b. 1886
Anna Alexandra Isaksdr Tornberg b. 1890


Ida Josefina Tornberg b. 1886 married Johan Albert Mattson b. 6 Aug. 1873, Fjaras, Halland, Sweden

Walter Albert Mattson b. 31 Jan. 1912
Lead, South Dakota, USA
d. 3 Feb 1973


Walter Albert Mattson b. 31 Jan. 1912 d. 3 Feb 1973 married Violet Mae Pierce b. 12 June 1918 d. 11 Sept. 1987.

Luella Mattson Living
Linda Mattson Living
John Mattson Living
Marvin Mattson Living


Luella Mattson married Charles Williamson in 1956


Kim, Victor, Kevin, Janice, Jon, Jilane, Lisa, and Annette.


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  1. April 27, 2012
    I see that one of the Swedish Finn Historical Society members has posted additional lineage for Tornberg family members on the Society's cooperative database. [circa 2 million names of Swedish-speaking Finns and other Finns and Swedes]. Anyone may register on SFHS' Finlander discussion forum, and also get a password to the TALKO database by sending a GEDcom to the webmaster. Just Google the Society. Regards,
    Syrene Forsman

    Generation: 1
    Tornberg Johannes Nicolaii b. 1640, Övertorneå; d. 3 Jan 1717, Matarengi, Övertorneå.

    Johannes m. Curtelia Brita Isaksdotter Brita b. 1651, Hietaniemi, Övertorneå; d. 6 Apr 1740, Nedertorneå. [Group Sheet]

    Tornberg Johannes Johani b. 29 Jan 1670, Prästgården, Hietaniemi, Överkalix; d. 11 Feb 1751, Pråstgärden, Jukkasjärvi.
    Tornberg Helena Johansdotter b. 1676, Kautokeino, Norge; d. 23 Feb 1745.
    Tornberg Henrik b. 1678, Hietaniemi; d. 15 Apr 1743, Nedertorneå.
    Tornberg Isak Johansson b. 1678, Kautokeino; d. 1743, Hietaniemi.

    Johannes m. Curtilia Brita Isaksdotter Brita b. 1651, Armassaari, Hietaniemi; d. 6 Feb 1740, Nedertorneå. [Group Sheet]

    Generation: 2
    Tornberg Nicolaus Nicolaii Ulopolitanus b. 1610, Uleåborg; d. 1676, Prästgården, Övertorneå.

    Nicolaus m. NilsdotterFalk Maria Maria (daughter of Falk Nicolaus Philippi) b. 1618, Övertorneå. (Oulu?); d. Övertorneå. [Group Sheet]

    NilsdotterFalk Maria b. 1618, Övertorneå. (Oulu?); d. Övertorneå.

    1. Tornberg Johannes Nicolaii b. 1640, Övertorneå; d. 3 Jan 1717, Matarengi, Övertorneå.
    Tornberg Andreas b. Okän, Övertorneå; d. 1705, Kautokeino.
    Nilsson Israel b. Okän.

    Generation: 3
    Falk Nicolaus Philippi b. 1589; d. 1638, Övertorneå.

    3. NilsdotterFalk Maria b. 1618, Övertorneå. (Oulu?); d. Övertorneå.