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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Williamson Mystery Event??? What and When Required

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello Williamsons,
OK, we have a mystery that needs resolving. I found this series of pictures taken by one of my brothers and sisters (I can tell because of the poor, grainy shots) at a family event held in the late 1970's at the Catholic Church in Deadwood, South Dakota. I know my Williamson Aunts, Uncles and Cousins must have the answers so I'm relying on your memory to fill in the event and the names of the people in the photos. The pictures are numbered for reference. Oh, and if you have photos of this same event would you send them to me so I can post them to this post?

All help is appreciated.


Update. Pat and Corlis responded. The mystery event is identified as Walt and Frances' 50th wedding anniversary held in 1979 at St. Ambrose Catholic Church in Deadwood. Walt and Frances were married on July 20, 1929.

Photo 1. Great Aunt Frances in the Center

Photo 2. Great Uncle Walt standing next to the piano.

Photo 3. Great Aunt Josie walking in the background. Annette showing off her dress

Photo 4 - Frances is visiting with Marian Thompson and ? from Sundance, WY. Old friends from childhood.

Photo 5. Luella, Annette, Janice and Jilane sitting on the wall outside Deadwood's Courthouse.

Photo 6. Great Uncle Walt on the right

Photo 7. Great Aunt Frances Standing

Photo 8. Mother, Great Aunt Ethel

Photo 9. Annette, Luella and Janice

Photo 11. Annette
Photo 12 - Aunt Laura (Emmett's wife, sister-in-law to Frances Williamson) and Woody Williamson.

Photo 13. Janice

Photo 14. Luella (cut off), Jon and Lisa


  1. The event was Walt & Francis 50th wedding anniversary. They were married July 20, 1929. Picture #12 is Aunt Laura (Emmett's wife)and Woody Williamson. As a side note: Aunt Francis and Charles Ray have the share a June 11 birthday. Corlis

  2. My guess would be it was Walt & Frances' 50th wedding anniversary celebration. I believe I drove my grandmother & parents out to that in the '70's. Lorraine Kupiec

  3. We attended also, this was Walt & Francis 50th anniversary Sandy Williamson