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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Luella Mattson, Homecoming Attendant. 1955/56 School Year.

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello Everyone!
How about a bit of Autumn Spearfish High School Football! Its school year 1955/56. Its homecoming. Luella is a senior. She moved to Spearfish a year earlier so she was considered the 'new girl' in town. An announcement is made over the school's intercom. Elections were to be held for Homecoming Queen.

On election day everyone in the High School voted. The results were kept secret until a few days before the Pageant. Three young ladies made the first cut. Luella was one of them. She was shocked, considering this was her second year at Spearfish High. The Queen was announced and crowned during the Pageant.

Luella looks a bit disappointed in this picture taken right after the Queen was announced and ascended to the throne. The guy beside her doesn't seem too upset. He's happy to be right where he is :)

Working as a waitress at the Valley Cafe was one of the reasons Luella was well known in the Spearfish of the mid 1950's. She worked for .50 cents an hour and of course got to keep the tips. She remembers the tips were always good. She had a smile for everyone and took an interest in them. Of course her good looks were the other reason she was elected to the Queen's Court. In fact, the very doctor that delivered our cousin Kirk used to visit the Cafe regularly and always made it a point to tell everyone that Luella was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen.

Although she hates to admit it, Luella enjoyed the attention.

Grandma Violet colored this picture herself by hand. It was originally black and white.

This picture was taken at the homecoming game. The Queen's Court rode around the field at half time in the convertible. Number 42 "Albert", the quarterback, got to give the Queen a hug.

There you have it folks, Luella, as a High School Senior and real heart throb, in a 1950's sort of way.


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