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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Hunt for our Great Great Uncles and Aunts. Williamson Line.

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello Williamsons,
Once again I'm on the hunt for the families of my Great Great Aunts and Uncles, the brothers and sisters of our common ancestor William Jonathan Williamson. Today I focused on our Great Great Aunt Bertha May Williamson.

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This is what I know so far:

Bertha May Williamson
Born May 13, 1875. Adams Iowa
Death July 18, 1959. Lead, South Dakota

Married Joseph Price Hines in 1897.

Children of Bertha Williamson and Joseph Hines:

1. Lula Hines: Born abt. 1899
2. Ralph Hines:
  • Born Sept. 22, 1900 Rapid City SD.
  • Died: March 28, 1966 Lead SD.
  • Married: Irene Gertrude Hawken on March 25, 1897 in Sundance Wyo.
  • Children: 1 known. Patricia Maud Hines b. July 3, 1923 in Gillette Wyo.
3. Jenn Hines: Born abt. 1901
4. Glenn Hines:
  • Born abt. 1903
  • Married: Hazel Marie Mills, 1923 in SD.
  • Children: Jean Hines. South Dakota. Died 1984.
5. Dorris Hines:
  • Born January 8, 1904. Nemo SD.
  • Died: October 25, 2000 in Clarkson Mtn. View Rapid City. SD. Buried
  • Black Hills National Cemetary. Sturgis SD.
  • Married: Albert Herman “Snoozer” Hausle on July 6, 1926 in Deadwood SD.
  • Children: Earl A. Hausle. Born. January 1, 1927. Died abt. 1945.
6. Charles Hines: Born abt. 1905
7. Chelsie Hines: Born abt. 1907
8. Hazel Hines: Born abt. 1908
9. Donald Hines: Born abt. 1909

Of course this means we have cousins living in the Black Hills descended from Bertha with the last names of Hines and Hausle. Does anyone know of them? Perhaps some of you in South Dakota might have some time to try to track some of them down (phone book etc). All help in locating this family line would be appreciated!


Comment from Lee Madison:
Hello again Victor
I just read your blog and remembered my Father Gene Madison worked at Moskee Wyo. in the Homestake lumber camp in the lates thirties. I kept an old newspaper article from the Rapid City Journal from some years back and found a picture of my father with several other lumber jacks. Two of these lumber jacks in the picture were Chelsey and Glenn (Bozy) Hines. It's a small world for this picture was taken in 1938 before my Father met my Mother. My Mother Teresa Martin never mentioned she was related to the Hines boys but often mentioned them in conversations. Lee

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