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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Great Grandfather Who Lost His Head! Sir Henry Pole (Lord Montagu), Our 14th Great Grandfather, (Mattson Line)

Sir Henry Pole (Lord Montagu), Our 14th Great Grandfather,
as played by actor Jake Maskall
in the Showtime Televison Series "The Tudors"

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello to the Mattson Side of our Family!
Tonight we are running a special overnight camp for a small school in Idaho. I'll start the camp at 7:00 P.M. but until then, I've got a few minutes to post more on the ancestors in our family.

Tonight I'd like to introduce you to our 14th Great Grandfather, Henry Pole (Baron Montagu by Title) who married Jane Neville. Grandpa Henry was a close friend of King Henry VIII. He had one major flaw, he was a staunch Roman Catholic and you remember how Henry VIII grew to dispise the Catholic religion after the Pope refused to annul his married to Katheryn of Aragon so he could marry Anne Boleyn.

Henry was the son of Sir Richard Pole and Margaret Plantagenet, Countess of Salisbury . He was Knighted by Henry VIII in 1513 during Henry 's French campaign and given the title of Baron Montague. He was referred to as Lord Montague in official documents and was a witness to the great peace Treaty of London in 1518. He was a member of the royal household and was allowed his own livery. In 1520, he attended Henry VIII at the Field of the Cloth of Gold . He was one of the members of the jury who convicted Anne Boleyn and had her beheaded at the Tower of London.

Henry married Jane, daughter of George Neville, Lord Abergavenny, in 1513. They had three children.

As a Roman Catholic, Henry did not approve of the King's destroying Church property and the anti-Catholic feeling in England. Henry was fully aware of Montague's feelings. His brother Geoffrey Pole was arrested by the King and tortured on the rack. During the torture he gave evidence of Henry's feelings against the King's decisions. Henry VIII ordered Henry's arrest and put in the Tower of London. Late in Nov 1539 Montague and Henry Courtenay, Marquis of Exeter were tried before Lord Chancellor Audley, the Lord High Steward and a jury of peers found them guilty of treason. A week later, on 9 Dec, both lords were beheaded on Tower Hill.

A Beheading at the Tower of London

The Actual Block from the Tower. The Last Resting Place for our 14th Great Grandfather's Head
(and many other heads belonging to our ancestors).

Henry left a son and two daughters. Henry son was also arrested.
It was expected he would be beheaded with other members of the family but Henry VIII did not want to risk unfavorable public opinion. Instead he was deprived of a tutor and remained imprisoned in the Tower until his death, possibly by starvation, in 1542 or later. Henry's daughter, Catherine, married Francis, Lord Hastings, later Earl of Huntingdon, and her sister, Winifred, married first a brother of Catherine's husband and later a member of the Barrington family. The girls were restored to full honours and property at the accession of Queen Mary.


Family Relationship Chart

Sir Henry Pole (Baron Montagu) married Jane Neville
Our 14th Great Grandparents
Catherine Pole married Francis Hastings Earl of Huntingdon
George Hastings Earl of Huntington married Dorothy Port
Henry Hastings and Dorothy Willoughby
John Hastings married ?
John Seaborn Hastings married Lydia Champney
Joseph Hastings married Elizabeth Edwards
Matthew Hastings mararied Mary Battelle
Hannah Hastings married Nathaniel Evans
Nathanial Evans Jr. married Mary Toothaker
John K. McCrillis married Hannah Evans
Joseph E McCrillis married Almira
John Mayberry Dennis married Isabel Deanora Helgerson McCrilles
Walter Edward Pierce married Vesta Althea Dennis
Walter Edward Mattson married Violet Pierce
Luella Mattson married Charles Williamson
Kim, Me, Kevin, Janice, Jon, Lisa and Annette

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  1. hi my name is danielle renee pole. my father compiles family lineage for people and has been compiling our ow lineage for some years now which has brought him to us being a distant relation to lord henry pole. i am very interested in knowing more or meeting others who may be connected? my email is dani_luv_shan@hotmail.com greatly appreciated