Here, gathered in our beloved South Dakota, are a few members of our Williamson / Mattson Clan. Charles and Luella are to be blamed (be kind, they didn't know what they were doing). We're generally a happy bunch and somewhat intelligent (notwithstanding our tenuous grasp on reality). I'm also proud to say that most of us still have our teeth.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A New Infusion of German Blood! (Mattson Line)

Me in my lederhosen, Celebrating this New German Line with a Frosty Root Beer!

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

Hello All,
How is everyone at the end of their Thursday? I'm sitting in my writing rocker feeling the shivers. Its a debate, should I turn up the furnace or get a blanket? Our undecided Utah weather is confused, giving us all four seasons today but I won't complain any further, in a few months I'll be bitterly complaining about the excessive heat.

Grandma Violet also enjoy cool weather over broiling heat. That is one thing I remember about her, she always wanted the windows open and a glass of ice cold water. I can still hear her from the living room of our modest bungalow in Rapid City,
"Victor, Grandma needs a glass of cold water. Let the tap run for awhile."
It was always the same, "Let the tap run for awhile." She knew better than to ask for ice. We never had any. Don't know why now that I stop to think about it.

Tonight I going to make Aunt Bev a very happy woman. With one post I'm going to push back the Pierce family line and take us all across the Atlantic to Germany. Those of us descended through Grandma Mattson have another dose of good Deutsch blood in our veins. Yummmmm, I'm ready for a plate of apple strudel topped with freshly whipped cream.

Now I mention Aunt Bev because I know she is working diligently on many of those family lines. I also noticed the Fiddler line on the Church's genealogy site ends with Abraham. Several months ago I found Abraham's wife Susan (it is really Suzanna). Tonight we make a really big jump and push that line back with this post.

Our German connection comes through Grandma Violet's father, Walter. And now, with the proper drum roll and bugle fanfare here is our German Fiddler Line back to the 1600's.

The Fidler Ancestral Home, Jugenheim German

The Year is 1627. Meet Our Seventh Great Grandparents.

JOHAN GEORGE FIDLER was born 22 OCT 1627 in Jugenheim, Bergstrasse, Hessen-Nassau, Germany. Married
in Germany. She was born ABT 1652 in Darnstadt,,, Germany.
Additional Notes for JOHAN GEORGE FIDLER: Parents are listed as: Maertin Fidler and Annae (last name unknown)

Children of JOHAN FIDLER and ANNA BARBARA are:
  • STILLBORN FIDLER, b. 23 Apr 1676, ,,, Germany; d. 23 Apr 1676, ,,, Germany.
  • STILLBORN FIDLER, b. 06 Apr 1678, ,,, Germany; d. 06 Apr 1678, ,,, Germany.
  • GOTTFRIED FIDLER, b. 1680, ,,, Germany; d. Abt. 1749, Berks, Pennsylvania.


Gottfried Fidler Born: 1680 Germany Died: 1755 Berks, Pennsylvania, USA. Married to
Anna Elisabeth Salomon
Born: 1683 Lammerspiel, Germany Died: 1756 Berks, Pennsylvania, USA

  • Anna Margaretha Fidler F 1726 in Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Conrad Fidler M 1709 in Hanua Luth, Hanua, Germany
  • Johann Gottfried Fiedler M 1715 in Kniskernsdorf, Schoharie, New York, USA
  • Johann Heinrich Fiedler M 14 Feb 1723 in Schoharie Valley, New York, USA
  • Jacob Fidler M 1724
  • John Fiedler M 1734 in Berks, Pennsylvania, USA


Johann Heinrich Fiedler Born: 14 Feb 1723 Schoharie Valley, New York, USA Died: 2 Nov 1777 Heidleberg, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA. Married
Magdalena Schauer
Born: 1721 Schoharie Valley, New York, USA Died: 14 Nov 1777 Heidleberg, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA

  • John Fidler M 27 Dec 1755 in Bern, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA Rosina Fidler F 1754 in Tulpehocken, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Adam Fidler M 4 Jun 1748 in Lower Heidelberg, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Catharina Fidler F 1749 in Tulpehocken, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Magdalena Fidler F 10 Feb 1750 in Tulpehocken, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Henry Fidler M 21 Mar 1752 in Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Catherine Fidler F 1754 in Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Johann Jacob Fidler M 1 Oct 1766 in Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Maria Catharine Fidler F 30 Jul 1767


Henry Fidler Born: 21 Mar 1752 Berks, Pennsylvania, USA Died: 3 Jun 1831 Tulphehocken, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA. Married:
Eve Lenig
Born: 22 Apr 1756 Berks, Pennsylvania, USA Died: 9 Oct 1804 Berks, Pennsylvania, USA

Children of HENRY FIDLER and EVE LENIG are:
  • Sarah Fidler F 16 Aug 1800 in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Maria Catharine Fidler F 23 Apr 1776 in Pennsylvania, USA
  • John Fidler M 31 Oct 1778 in Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Henry Fidler M 11 Nov 1779 in Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Eva Barbara Fidler F 16 Apr 1782 in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Elizabeth Fidler F 24 Dec 1784 in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Magdalena Fidler F 31 May 1787 in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Maria Christina Fidler F 16 Dec 1789 in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Eva Catharine Fidler F 24 Mar 1792 in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Maria Margaret Fidler F 3 Feb 1794 in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Abraham Fidler M 6 Jul 1796 in Womelsdorf, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA


Abraham Fiddler Birth: 6 Jul 1796 - Womelsdorf, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA. Marriage: Jackson Township, Montgomery, Ohio, USA Death: Richland, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA Married:
Susanna Keller
Born: 5 Jul 1796 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA Died: 7 Oct 1821 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA Marriage: 1819 in Jackson Township, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

  • Maria Eva Fidler F 20 Mar 1820 in Womelsdorf, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Anna Catharine Fidler F 3 Apr 1821 in Womelsdorf, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Elizabeth Fidler F 5 Apr 1822 in Womelsdorf, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Henry Fiddler M 22 Nov 1823 in Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Jonathan William Fidler M 12 Oct 1829 in Womelsdorf, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA


Henry Fiddler b. 1823. d. 1896 Iowa
Francis George
b. 1824. d. 1903 South Dakota


Eldora Elizabeth Fiddler b. 1859 Eldora, Iowa. d. 1912 Hot Springs and
Edwin Sherman Pierce
b. 1862 Illinois d. ?


Walter Edwin Pierce b. 1885 South Dakota. d. 1956 Washington State and
Vesta Althea Dennis


Violet Pierce and
Walter Mattson


Luella Mattson and
Charles Williamson


Kim, Victor, Kevin, Janice, Jon, Jilane, Lisa, Annette.

And What's a Family digital reunion without music and singing? Tonight a German folk song to celebrate new ancestors, once lost in time and now found....... Feel free to sing along. My German is a bit rusty so I'll provide the foot tapping.

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