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Friday, April 30, 2010

Effie Victor Williamson and Our Scottish Connection. (Williamson Line)

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

I'm glad to see you at our digital family reunion on a cloudy Saturday night. Imagine where else you could be? Perhaps the movies, dining out, bowling, or - if you're like me - drifting in and out of consciousness in front of the TV. You're right when you say, "If there ain't nutten better ta do might as well go to the digital reunion. Besides that lime green jello salad with lettuce and cottage cheese is mighty tasty."

I just got home from Space Camp. Chalk up another successful camp, except for one injury. One of my high school employees wasn't looking where he was walking, got distracted in conversation, and had an interesting meeting with one of the school's sturdy iron door frames. Blood flowed like the Nile. My EMT did what she could to stop the bleeding. He ended up in the hospital getting 9 stitches. I told him I appreciated his giving his all for the Center and thanked him for carrying the scar to prove it for the rest of his life.

Yes, its all GO at the Space Center.

Tonight we are going to pass a few pictures around the circle and remember our Great Grandmother Effie Victor Williamson, wife of William Jonathan Williamson.

This picture of Effie was enlarged from her wedding picture. Does she resemble anyone in your family? Genetics are always intersting, how some physical traits can skip generations and reappear later.

In this picture taken from the Federal Census Records we see the Victor family as it was in 1870.
(Click to enlarge). Effie was listed as two years old. The Victor family line is a hard one to trace. This census record has given me a clue where to look further. As you read you'll see that Effie's father Whity was born in Delaware. I didn't know that before. I'll keep you posted as the search for 'kin' continues.

This is the Iowa Census of 1885. Again we see that Whity Victor was born in Delaware. By 1885 the family was down to four.

This is a picture of Effie's sister, Eunicy Victor Barker, her husband, Melchi and children. Eunicy would be my Great Great Aunt.

Another picture of William Jonathan Williamson, my Great Grandfather. Again, anyone in your family resemble William in any way?

This document verifies the marriage ceremony of Effie and W.J. at her parents' home in Iowa on February 13, 1887. I've notice that Effie's father's name was spelt "Whity" and "Whitty".

In the front row from left to right is Frank, who lived in Canada, Melchi, Eunicy Jane (Effie's Sister), Bill, and Aletha Lawrence, who lived in Montana. Back row left to right, Beach, who lived his later years in Oregon, and Theron, who lived in Iowa.
Effie resting in peace at her funeral in Spearfish, South Dakota with flower arrangements. Effie died on April 9, 1944.

Since we are discussing our Victor line (which I might add is one of our family's line I'm most fond of considering my name is also Victor) I found the obituary of Effie's father, Whitty Victor. That would make Whitty my Great Great Grandfather.

Adams County Free Press, Page-8
Whitty Victor, whose death last Tuesday was mentioned in last week's paper, was 85 years and l month old. He was born of Christian parents in Essex county, Del,, near Dover, Feb.18,1818. When about fourteen years of age he removed with his parents to Cincinnati, O., where he grew to manhood and where he was married Nov. 6, 1845, to Miss Nancy Norris. A year later he removed to Blackhawk county,Ind., and after several changes of residence he came with his family to Adams county in 1861. He lived near Nodaway for many years and in 1885 sold his farm and bought another six miles west of Corning in Douglas township.

His wife died April 22,1886, and he then made his home with his daughter for a time. Eight children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Victor, of whom only three are living, Mrs. Jane Barker of Douglas township, Mrs. Emma Lathrop of Conklin, S. p., Mrs. Effie Williamson of Rapid City, S. D.. A brother and two sisters also survive him, Elijah Victor of Shelbyville, Ind.,Mrs. Elvira Brown of Wellington, Ill.,and Mrs. Sarah Green of University Place, Neb

On July 28, 1887, Mr. Victor was married to Mrs. Mary L. Preston, who died in this city June 20,1901. He was converted at the age of 43 and became an active and faithful member of the M. E. church. He was a devoted Christian man, a true Christian husband and father and his Christian life and Christian teaching bore fruit in the family circle and in the community where he was known and respected as a faithful follower of the Lord. "Blessed are those that die in the Lord"

The funeral was conducted Thursday from the U. B. church in this city by Revs. W. H. Drake and W. F. Wallace. Mr. Victor had selected for the scripture lesson the 90th Psalm and for a text Second Timothy, 7:4. The family has the sympathy of many friends.
We also have a new Scottish line in our Williamson family. Notice on the family tree above, Whity's parents are Elijah and Unicy. Unicy, according to the records, was born in Scotland. There is one major problem in finding the Clan. Unicy's last name isn't recorded on any documents I could find. This is one I'll continue to search. It would be nice to know which tartan to wear at the next family gathering.



  1. The obituary on whitty gave alot of information. whoever wrote that was very thorough . I notice that effie has the williamson thin lips.

  2. I have a family history website for Shelby County Indiana, where Whitty and Nancy were married. I think the Blackhawk mentioned is actually a town in Shelby County, now known as Mount Auburn. I would like to include Whitty's obituary on our website: http://www.shelbycountyindiana.org/index.php