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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Possible Breakthrough in one of the Williamson's Greatest Mysteries.

This Picture of George and Margaret came from the Williamson Legacy Book
Obtained at the Family Reunion

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

I’ve been looking into the Willamson family line for several weeks now. Every time I do I run into the same problem. Our Williamson name begins and ends with George Matthew Williamson’s parents, Matthew and Selina Williamson.

We know that George was Born on the 15th of October, 1834 in Lynchburg VA. He was married to Margaret Ann Willis.

My dad (Charles) tells me that his searches for the parents of Matthew Williamson (George's dad) have proven fruitless. It seems we’ve drawn a blank. So, without a direct line to trace I start looking to secondary evidence to find the ancestors with our Williamson name.
Today I may have come across something and would like to present it for your opinions.

Cuthbert Williamson

There is history of a certain Cuthbert Williamson who lived and died in Charlotte County, Va., near Rough Creek.

Evidence 1:
Notice how close Rough Creek (A) is to Lynchburg VA.

As you can see, Rough Creek Virginia is very close to Lynchburg where our ancestor George Williamson was born in 1834. Given that people rarely travelled great distances in the early 1800’s, and knowing the name Williamson is not that common of a name (check your phone book and you’ll see) I’m thinking that this Cuthbert may be related in some way - although not directly but indirectly.

Cuthbert Williamson was born near Richmond VA about 1740 and in 1765 purchased land in Charlotte County, again near Lynchburg. Curthbert had 16 children 14 of whom married. His first wife is thought to have been Miss Price. He had three children by his first marriage, John, Rebecca and Elizabeth. His second wife was a Miss White, and by this wife he had the following children:- Charles, Mary, Martha, Nancy, Samuel, Cuthbert, Susan, Kate Francis, William B., Daniel M., Matthew and Sallie; Kate died young, unmarried; Sallie died when a child.
(Evidence 2: Cuthbert had a son named Matthew)

More on this Williamson Family History

John Williamson, a descendant of Sir Joseph Williamson, came to Virginia and settled opposite Jamestown. 1st. John Williamson, born 1687, married Rebecca Chamberlayne. They had three sons, Thomas, John and Cuthbert.

Now the Cuthbert born around 1740 was most likely the son of Cuthbert mentioned above. Again I’m going with reasoning (since there is nothing else to go on at the moment). Even if Cuthbert isn’t directly on our line, then surely the John Williamson who came to Virginia and settled near Jamestown must be considering this Willaimson line came to Virginia around 1630.
From the Jamestown area the many members of the family settled near Rough Creek, which we’ve already established as very close to Lynchburg, home of our Williamson line.

OK, what do you think of my reasoning so far? Would you agree?

I’m doing more research on this line of Williamson's and will continue to post new developments. Perhaps we have a breakthrough and can finally, although perhaps without ever finding absolute proof that this is our Williamson line, trace our family line back to England.

Fingers Crossed,



  1. Victor, Very interesting and it makes sense.
    Keep up the good work. Later, William J.

  2. I descend from the Cuthbert Williamson line. From the son of Cuthbert Williamson who died 1743. I visited Rough Creek, Virginia about ten years ago. The little town's rock houses still there. Also the Church they attended. I am upstairs and don't have my books here but I haven't looked at Williamson material in quite a while. There is a mystery about them where they came from. I know the Williamson family was in Henrico County, Virginia area. Also the White family and both families went to Rough Creek. Getting old and my memory is getting old too.