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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Great Grandfather Matthew Williamson, A Mystery to Behold

The Search for Family Continues........

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

I'm not a happy camper tonight as I sit by my front window and write this post. Two of our ancestors are really challenging me. I'm speaking of the father and mother of our common Great Grandfather George Matthew Williamson, born in Charlotte County Virginia in 1834. According to all family sources his father was Matthew Williamson. His mother was Selina Dandridge Jeffries.

Matthew and Selina are the mystery. Where did they come from? From all sources it appears they just dropped from the sky and landed in Charlotte County Virginia only long enough to produce a son then vanished into thin air.

Now, I enjoy a good challenge and this has been one, but are we are to the point of having to draw some conclusions about this hurdle, this missing link, in the family line to be able to continue our journey past 1800?

Here is an example of what I've discovered.

1. I always assumed there were large populations of Williamsons in Charlotte County Virginia. I was wrong. Let's begin with the tax records of 1782 as illustrated below:

As you can see, there were only two Williamson families living in Charlotte County Virginia paying taxes in 1782.

2. Now I present the following information from the 1810 Federal Census.

as you can see, these are the only two Williamson's listed in Charlotte County in 1810. There is a strong family Genealogy through Cuthbert (spelled Cutbirth on this document) tracing back to England, but is this our line? Where are all the other Williamsons? I'm finding the name is, as I thought, still rather rare.

3. This is the Federal Census for 1830, four years before George Matthew Williamson was born in, Charlotte County Virginia. Again, you'll find two Willamson families and I'd bet my house they are related. Yet, no Matthew Williamson.

So, in conclusion I am coming closer to the feeling that our Williamson line is tied to the Cuthbert line in some way. Were Matthew and Cuthbert cousins? I'm thinking they must have been considering so few Williamsons lived in Charlotte County.

Tis a mystery.


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