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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hans Georg Gutekunst, A Williamson Revolutionary War Veteran and Rumors Concerning our Tie to Williamson, West Virginia.

From the Fortress of Solitude
Pleasant Grove

It is a Good Sunday in Pleasant Grove,
I spent far too long on the computer today puzzled over a statement written in a family history saying that our common Williamson grandfather (George Matthew Williamson) was the brother of Benjamin Williamson, the founder of Williamson West Virginia. You may have heard the same rumor at family gatherings.
Unfortunately that rumor is false. It it were true the barrier blocking further research along the Williamson name would be shattered. I traced the Williamson family that founded Williamson West Virginia and George Matthew is not listed anywhere as a family member.

That takes those of us that are tracing the family ancestry back to square one. We can't get beyond the parents of George Matthew. My dad (Charles) says my dilemma proves his point that this family of ours comes from outer space. Yes, his logical reasoning is slipping as he advances into his 70's :)

The next step is to have dad participate in a national Williamson DNA database search. We're going to take a swab from the inside of his mouth and have his DNA analyzed. It will be sent to a research organization hoping to trace the origins of the Williamson line. Dad hopes his DNA sequencing will prove he isn't of this Earth.

OK, with that said, we move on to today's other research. We have a family member that many of the older Williamson already know about who served in the Revolutionary War. He is my 5th Great Grandfather along the Williamson line as outlined below:

Hans Georg Gutekunst (B. 1732 Germany. D. 1784 Frederick County VA)
Ann Mararetha Goodykootz
Anabella Phlegar
Margaret Ann Willis (Married to George Matthew Williamson)
William J. Williamson
The Nine Williamson Children
Dad’s Generation (Charles Williamson)
My Generation.

Hans George Gutekunst was born in Haiterback, Wurtemberg Germany on February 6, 1732. He landed at Philadelphia PA on September 29, 1750 on the ship “Osgood” under the command of William Wilkie. The ship sailed from Rotterdam after making a required stop at Cowes. There were 480 passengers. They took the oath of allegiance to the British Crown on the day of landing.

Hans George and his family eventually moved to Fredrick County, Virginia

The Revolutionary War Service of my generation’s 5th Great Grandfather Hans Georg Gutekunst.

On January 18, 1777 Hans George was in the 5th Company of the 2nd Battalion Commanded by Capt. Peter Trexler Jr. of the Northampton Penn. Militia. The returns show that the Battalion marched from Northampton on January 4, 1777 and on January 18, 1777 was again ready for the march to Col. Geiger’s Camp.

On August 16, 1777 Hans George took the oath of Allegiance (Under PA statute) to the new colonial government. On May 14, 1778 he was in the 3rd Battalion, Northampton Militia commanded by Col. Geo. Breinig and Capt. John Morritz. On August 4, 1778 he was in Capt. Peter Trexler’s company.

Of course with this information all members of our family are eligible to join the Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution.

Well, its time to move on to other things before I lose this day off completely.


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